White girl sew in weave?
Thinking about getting a sew in weave for the wedding!
I really want long hair romantic hair for our lake wedding. although our wedding isnt until august, I want to get it starting January so i can REALLY learn to take care of it and working with as I will be doing my own hair an makeup!

Who has experience with a sew in weave?

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The one thing about sew-in weaves is your hair needs to be long enough for them to create the braids for the weave to be sewn to, if I remember correctly. I know where I am there are plenty of salons that offer this service and I've seen them do some really nice work. I'd say find a good salon with a reputation for doing these and talk to them.

The one other tip I can give is go with human or natural hair, even though it is more expensive. It can take heat styling and color, where are synthetic can not.


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I had the sewn in kind years ago and it was extremely difficult to manage. It was always knotting up and just not very nice. I tried glue in but since I'm allergic to glue that was a disaster and it also ruined my hair. The only ones I will ever use are the extensions with the micro rings. They didn't damage my hair AND they are super easy to remove and move up as your hair grows. I highly suggest looking into this option instead.

My only issue was that the salon purchased straight hair and I have naturally curly hair so it was sort of time consuming to try to curl the extensions or straighten my own hair to match.

here are two photos: one with short hair before extensions (blue shirt) and the other with the extenstions (green shirt) I had also added some blonde extensions for highlights.

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I had a weave done about 4 years ago and I don't know how women do it!! I think I kept it in for about a week! It itched, was hot, FH did not like it. Matter of fact just a few days ago we were talking about my hair (growing it for wedding) and he said there was only one time that he didn't like the style of my hair and that was when I did the weave. The upkeep wasn't worth it for me. If I ever decide to add hair I think I may try the removeable pieces.
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Wow! I don't want my FH not to like my hair extensions?
did you go to a reputable salon?

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DO extensions!!!! They are amzing and a lot of salons offer them so you can check around for the best work and best deal.

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Aiden is right. Your hair has to be long enough to be braided and if your hair is really fine and it won't hold a braid, sew in is not for you. Also white girl scalps and black girl scalps are different. I wash my hair once a week. My scalp and hair needs the oil that white girls wash out daily or every other day. I don't wash product out of my hair every day like my FH does. So that may be why it itches after a few days for white girls.

I would try clip in extensions.

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I planned on having them for my wedding and decided to use then for my engagement photos too.. To me, they were really uncomfortable and hot. Don't get me wrong they were beautiful, but I decided against it for tge wedding because I wanted to be comfortable.

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@desi Where did you get yours done? A small salon or a large chain. It might be worth it to me to be uncomfortable to have the perfect hair. Your's looks phenomenal in both pictures but they do make two completely different looks.

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Get microlinks. (see pics) I wore extensions for years (after a terrible bob haircut lol) and these are hands down the best for white girls. They work like regular extensions but use tiny metal rings instead of glue, so much less damage to the hair, and last longer. They are costly though!

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Okay for a sewin weave. It looks like your hair is LONG enough. it only needs to be about just to the tip of your ear to create the look you like.
if your hair is shorter your stylist can create the smaller braids by adding a cheaper (braiding) hair into yours as she is braiding. This will make it easier for her. Generally they use a lower grade of hair such as synthetic. Then from there I would suggest purchasing HUMAN Not human blended but 100% HUMAN hair. for your weaving purposes. 10-12 will only hit between the base of you neck to a almost the middle of your shoulder blades. I would get 14 or more Your better off with more then you have extra length to cut into a style.
The best thing to do is have the edges of your hair left out before braiding. Or a little more left in the front and the sides to allow more of your own hair to blend into the weave once its done. and to allow you to either have bangs or just pull it all back into a pony tail and rock it

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Now with human hair you can use hot iron's blow dryers. HOWEVER it might be more beneficial for you to have your hair washed and dryed by the person who puts them in since they can also tighten anything coming loose. Now as far as your scalp goes. you may have a dryer scalp than most you can very easily purchase a scalp oil to squeeze onto your scalp every other day. but you will want to remember to keep your natural hair taken care of too.

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My friend wants me to try the keratin extensions. They work marvelously for white girls, the keratin bonds to your natural hair and it seems pretty much seamless and you can wash them like normal hair etc I believe. They are EXTREMELY costly though. I am growing my hair now for my September wedding (and have been since we got engaged basically) My hair doesn't grow fast so I plan on adding some for bulk/length for the wedding if I can't get it to where i want by then. But do some research on the keratin ones they are probably the best for white girls.

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Amanda I did got to a reputable salon. The lady who did them did an awesome job, it "looked" great. Just wasn't comfortable, hot, felt like a rug on my head, too high maintenance and then FH didn't like them because he couldn't run fingers through my hair, which he likes to do on occasion. I did have them pretty long too, like middle of my back!!
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I did go to a small salon sure to price, more costly ones like clare said may be a better route for you. I love both looks for me. You can find very beautiful short hairstyles, but if your set on long hair, I would really suggest having then done alot earlier then your wedding so your sure they are comfortable. You don't want to be uncomfortable on your wedding day and then on your honeymoon also when your suppose to be relaxing with your dh!

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absolutely! I can get them done for around $200 in my area and i think I am going to go ahead and try it in January.

@desi would you say they were hard to style?
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