what goes well with "TEAL"
Im trying to figure out other colors that would go well with teal, my bride?s maids will be wearing teal dresses, and im trying to see what would go well at the ceremony or what kind of flowers would match well, plus the wedding will be held in fall, any suggestions??

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I just attended a friend's wedding last weekend and her bridesmaid dresses were also teal. The colors she used for her invitation and hall decorations were a mediterranean blue and a sage green color. The green color is exactly the shade of green that you see here on the Weddingwire website in the margains. Everything looked beautiful matched up that way! It had a nice refreshing summer look to it. Hope this helps.
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I've seen chocolate brown linens with teal. But I don't know what flowers are brown.
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I wonder if silver accents would look good?

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I am using teal, pink and green. kinda bright but I cant convince myself to do anything different.

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We are thinking about doing Teal, Purple (either a lighter purple like lavender or a dark version) and a blue-ish color. Kind of like a peacock theme. Silver would look good with teal.

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Im getting married in the fall bm dresses are teal we are also using burnt orange all the fall colors look good with teal

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I like to do image searches on yahoo when I am looking for inspiration for stuff like this. Here are a couple of image that I thought were helpful. I really like the cream color flowers in the first pic. The brown and teal look really nice together for a fall wedding. I wouldn't have thought of teal and orange going together, but I really like that look too.

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