what color for a tablecloth-cream, red or both?
i am trying to go with an elegant look for our wedding. lots of candles on the tables. white lights on the trees and bushes. for the men, black tuxes with champagne gold vests and ties.

i am not sure what to do about the tables...i was thinking of having cream colored table clothes and napkins. we thought that we would have the splash of cranberry (color of the bridesmaid dresses) on the table with flowers and/or candles. my mom suggested that we use a red colored table cloth underneath the cream colored table cloth. so we have a splash of color underneath. i am not sure if the red is too much? i am not sure if that is going to look right with the cranberry colored dresses? i dont think they match. will it be too much red? should we keep it clean and simple and stay with the cream colors?

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Hi Shaina - I'm new to this whole wedding planning thing but thought I'd add my 2 cents! In my opinion...less is more in most cases. I think you should use the cream table clothes with cranberry accents (napkins, candles, menu cards, etc). It would draw attention to your centerpieces. Another option would be to use 2 colored linens (cream and cranberry) and alternate tables. So you'd have cream table clothes with cranberry accents and cranberry table clothes with cream accents. Make sense? I noticed you mentioned using red, so I'm not sure if that means cranberry is not an option. I would try to go with cranberry as the first choice (if possible). Either way, I think no matter what you do it will look beautiful with the candles! Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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I would not use red. If they have cranberry linens I also would just go with napkins in cranberry & tablecloths in cream. I agree with you I think red would clash with the cranberry dresses.
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I would go with cream colored cloths.

Milisa Q.

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Red and Cranberry look horrible together, in my opinion. Unless your goal is to incorporate both colors together throughout your scheme, them I would stick to one or the other. Having two shades of red really tend to clash. You could easily bring in smaller portions of cranberry that won't overpower the room by inserting a cranberry sprig into a napkin placesetting, or purchasing clear glass votive holders with cranberry colored votive candles. another option would be to have cranberry (not red) tablecloths with an ivory or cream sheer overlay. What my cousin did in her wedding was having one of her colors as the table cloth, then had a scarf or table runner-like cloth in the other color. So for you, I'd suggest the cream tablecloth, with a cranberry cloth or fabric of some sort (satin would give a fancy touch) and drape it diagonally, or straight across. If your tables are rectangular/square, then have them straight, if circular, have the scarf at an angle. Hope that helped!
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Elegant table settings for a wedding can be created with any color tablecloth with the right combination of banquet table linen and tabletop accessories. A cranberry or red tablecloth color will definitely create a different atmosphere and is generally associated with festive, romantic, and fun. You can’t go wrong with the cream 70 round tablecloth to create an elegant table setting and it may be easier for you to work with. You can then add some cranberry or red color decorations with tabletop accessories to go with your bridesmaid dresses. Some examples may be having some of the following items in deep red: flowers in your centerpiece, votive candle holders, sprinkles of flower petals or some sort of wedding confetti, place cards made with red stock paper, or even placemats. If you decide to use layers on your cream round tablecloths, try using a sheer table linen such as an organza overlay in cranberry or a table runner. For more useful information and ideas, pictures, and video, check out http://www.70roundtablecloth.com/elegant-table-settings.html to help with your wedding reception tablecloths.

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I really love the color red but I prefer keeping the tablecloth simple, because you'll have other decorations all around and red might make your wedding look like X'mas. Ivory and Beige are the most popular color for they can go with any decorations easily. My best friend hold her wedding and choose his wedding party supplies from http://www.yescomusa.com/home.php?cat=137 . The party was really elegant at a reasonable budget. Just for reference and hope this would help.
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