Vow renewal on a budget....Need ideas!
My husband and I are planning a vow renewal ceremony for next september. We were married in 2004 by a judge with just a few witnesses.This is my second marriage and I never got the wedding I always wanted. Anyway, we are on a tight budget so I plan on trying to many of the decorations and stuff myself. We are having a luau theme with very casual dress. Still can't afford the big wedding and we are a very casual group of people. I don't want tacky and I dont want to be doing all the work come the big day. Any ideas, suggestions or websites would be appreciated.

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where do you live? I have a few ideas but would like to make sure it would work for your area and I might be able to find some links.

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I live in southern wisconsin. We chose september because its close to our anniversary without being to cold. We want it outdoors but we were married in november.

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Orentail trading company always has a ton of stuff on luau themed. I had in the past a website which was dedicated to Luaus but was on a different computer than this one I say google luau and see what comes up.


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You could make a bamboo tiki bar, tiki torches, Oriental trading has lots of stuff, you sould do beach themed invites from www.vistaprint.com
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Vow renewals . . . If I had to do it all over again, I would choose you. what is more romantic than that in a relationship. I have performed a few vow renewals in the past. Based on what you said maybe adding a few elements like a sand ceremony (sort of beachy theme) having an officiant come out and perform a formal ceremony.

If you would like to shoot me an email I will send you some sample renewal vows to look over. Hope that helps. bkolanow@hotmail.com

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Oriental trading company turned out to be a great site. I can get lei's, placemats and tiki torches all at low prices. Thanks for the tips. I am still considering making my own lei's. I am having trouble finding the silk flowers I need in bulk tho. Any suggestions for that one would be appreciated.

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I know how you feel...I just got married in February though it was definitely NOT the wedding I wanted. I am grateful to be with husband though I really have my heart set on a real wedding. So, I am also planning the perfect wedding because every girl desires to have the wedding they have always dreamed of. Another good place is Party City. They always have lots of Luau stuff.

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I just did a quilck search and found another site that might help.
This is the site I was talking about I think. My daughter wants a luau for a birthday party theme but her birthdya is in Febuary.


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We do handmade flowers with all budgets and able to ship to anywhere. Check out our site. We have handmade wooden flowers as low as $12/2 Dozens, paper flowers, craft foam flowers, felt flowers, origami flowers, ribbon flowers, etc. Hopefully, we can create something unique for you and you will be able to keep it forever.

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