Tipping/Donation etiquette for our Pastor
We are getting married in 4 months and the Pastor of our church will be officiating the ceremony. For our guests' convenience, we will be having the ceremony at the same venue as the reception. We have been meeting with our Pastor monthly for the past few weeks for pre-marriage counseling and will continue up to the wedding. He does not charge anything for his services, but we would like to make a donation. Since the wedding is not actually being held at the church, should we make a donation to the church or just tip the Pastor for his time (or split it between the church and Pastor)? How much of a tip/donation is customary?

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I'm wondering that too. We are getting married at the church and simce we are members all of the fees have been wavied. We invited both the pastor, his wife and the church coordinator to the reception, but I don't know if we should still give money on top of that.

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FH's grandfather (also the pastor of a local church) is officiating for us. We've decided on $100 towards him and if he says he won't take it we will tithe the amount to his church.

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I've decided to pay/tip him in cash and let him decide if he wants to donate to the church or do something else with the money. I think we're going to do $200-300 because he did some premarital counseling and will be at the rehearsal too.

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If your pastor is NOT charging you a fee, YES, please tip him/her. If you're friendly with your pastor and your budget allows, it's also a nice touch to invite them to the reception and/or rehearsal dinner.
I hired an old acquaintance of mine to be our officiant. She is ordained as an interfaith minister but is not affiliated with a specific church. She did charge me her standard fee ($325.00) and I did invite her to our rehearsal dinner and reception. I know I didn't *have* to invite her but I'm glad I did. However, I did NOT tip her on top of that.
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I'd say at least 300.00 if you've been counseled too.

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We decided on $250

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Our pastor did our pre-marital counseling, will be at the rehearsal as well too. So we are paying around $200, along with a $50 gift card to Olive Garden for him and his wife to enjoy.
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