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Any suggestions? He wants to go to city hall and have a reception, but doesn't want to dress up for the reception - just kahki's and collared shirt ... he said he'd wear a suit to city hall atleast. I don't want a white dress - but would like a nice dress and do my hair up nice for the ceremony and reception ... I guess I'm just looking for "what's appropriate" for us to do where people won't think we're whacked by being too casual or too traditional ... oh vey ....

Married: 07/25/2009
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Married: 07/25/2009
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get something simple and chic for the ceremony like sarah jessica parker wore at the end of sex and the city when she finally married Big. then somthing flirty and fun for the reception
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We were a three and two also.

We had our wedding at the arboretum with close friends and family. I wore a suit, she wore a special non-white dress. We had the reception right there with a small dessert bar, beer and wine. The event was at 2 PM on a Saturday.

We stayed for maybe an hour then took off to go fishing.
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I've witnessed a bride in a floor-length crimson gown, a "dude" of honor that held the bride's bouquet at the ceremony, a groom in khakis and a navy blazer instead of a tux in a cathedral. You name it--someone has come up with it.

In each of these cases, there was something entirely natural about the choice. The bride in red was stunning against the rustic barn and early spring foliage. The "dude" of honor was the bride's brother, and smiled a younger brother grin during the vows. The groom in khakis always dreamed of a seaside wedding, and the reception was planned for a state park on the Atlantic. You attire will be in sync with the spirit of your day, just as in these cases. So, if you focus on what you want your day to be, and how you want to feel, your wardrobe will "follow suit." I couldn't resist the pun.

As a photographer, my job is to capture the couple--who they really are. It sounds like you have good communication with your fiance. Follow your hearts!

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Don't let anyone tell you what you "HAVE" to do because it is your third and his second. This is my third and his second too. When we were looking at dresses he told me "This doesn't have to be any less special because it isn't your first or my first...because it is our first". Keep an open mind...ours morphed from casual to much more formal when we saw a gown we both fell in love with. So I will be wearing a white gown with red embroidery. This is all about you and him, so follow your hearts and your dreams and do what you want, not what others expect you to do.

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I agree with jenni/todd. Couldnt have said it any better. Go for what feels right, if you want it , like it, or whatever do it. The day is for you two to celebrate and if you want to celebrate big go big.Besides its not like you have a number tattooed on you both saying 2nd and 3rd. Even if you did so what you love each other and want everyone to know it. Go as Big as you feel.

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So of course you know that you can do anything you want, but since you're asking for suggestions:

I picture something like my aunt did for her second marriage...she was wearing a pretty outfit (dress or a skirt, can't remember), he was in a suit...she had a understated but pretty was a private ceremony in the town hall, they took a couple of snapshots outside by the water fountain, then went out to a nice dinner! Of course getting your hair done is a good idea! The stylist can make it look nice without it looking too "done up" and formal.

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Thank you all so much for your input! I totally agree that it's our day and we can do what we want and our friends will support what we choose to do as well -- it was just overwhelming to think of all the things that need to be done even for a small wedding.
So i have decided to wear a "bridesmaids" dress actually -- it's white with a black hi-waisted ribbon, knee length and strapless ... very pretty and "sexy" i might ad!! LOL
Getting married outside at a flower garden park and then reception at the Mooseheart Lodge where he's a member, got a great deal on hall and food! So looking forward to a wonderful nite and rest of our lives!! Thanks again!

JZ Event Planning

JZ Event Planning
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Honestly it should be what is comofortable for you. I will be officiating a wedding on Saturday where it is both their second marriage. She will be wearing a long ivory dress and he is wearing a suit. The wedding should reflect both your taste now.

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We are a three two couple too (his third my second) but we are having a wedding and small reception and he is doing it for me. See i never had a wedding before so he wants to give me that experience it so great and i'm very excited about it! but if you want to go simple and that fits your personalities go for it after all the wedding is all about the two of you!!!!! have fun and congratulations!!!!!

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This will be a third for us both. At first we were going to do a destination wedding...but I did that for my second. We started out thinking small and intimate. After much consideration of family and both sets of co-workers we have decided on a country club that can host both ceremony & reception, a DJ and beer & wine. More or less...we want to have a reason for a great party with our friends and family.
I think your "sexy dress" is perfect and the main thing to keep in mind is that this is a celebration of your love for one another. Evertyhing will fall into place =-) Happy planning!!!
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