Sunday Wedding Schedule -help!-
Hi ladies,
I am having a wedding on a Sunday (not common but I didn't like the number 23 weird I know. As I was planning we realized that the date was FH's deceased father's birthday. He has been dead for over 25 years so its not a touchy subject and his mother (FH's grandmother) is extremely happy because she thought we did this on purpose. We didn't but went along with it.)
I'm not worried about having a sunday wedding, we found an officiant just fine, and our vendors are all free because of it! However, I'm having problems making the agenda because of the day & time.
Here's what I have:
7am- wakeup call from hotel, gather Bridesmaids, Mothers, Aunts
8am- head to venue (10 minutes away) to set up decorations (not floral)
10am- head back to hotel, have Breakfast at hotel
11pm- start hair & makeup in hotel room or nearby spa
1pm- relax, take photos, etc.,
1:30-get in transportation (most likely hotel shuttle)
1:45ish- arrive at venue, meet with dad, walk up to ceremony

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2:00-ceremony start time
3:00-end of ceremony/ photos
3:30- signature cocktail hour/candy buffet inside
4:30- Grand Entrance

... and then I'm lost from there. I have the venue from 7 am to 12 am. I was thinking about wrapping it up at 10pm but because its Sunday should it be earlier? Also, it's in June so I don't have to worry about children needing to go to school the next day and the out of state family will most likely take vacation.
The ones that travel 2-3 hours I wonder how late they will stay.

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If they are traveling 2-3 hours I would think some would stay in a hotel. I know we wouldn't want to make the drive back home that night. Am sure several people would probably take that Monday off of work, or if it's an issue they would leave probably fairly early with that long drive home...

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um... 30 Min of photos pre ceremony, and 1 hour of photos post ceremony?
It doesn't seem like a lot of time. Do you feel good about it? Just curious.

I took 30 - 45 min of bridal shots/getting ready
30 min combos with my family and bridal party
"FH" did 30 min w/ his family and groomsmen

Then we did an hour of just the two of us at a park by the trees, a bridge, gazebo, water.... with 5 or 6 shots with the whole wedding party in there. (then they got to hang in the limo and drink) (*and this was our 1st look location)

and 20 min of post ceremony shots of Giant family pictures on the Grand staircase.

About the flow of the Reception. Talk to your DJ and your photographer on what is common in your area. They will be great resources for timelines. (but I'll still be back with some ideas)
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I got married on a Sunday. I sent out STD early so that people would know it was Sunday. Most of my family and friends took off the next day so that they could party with us. Our ceremony was at 4:30 and ended around 5. We stayed at the church for about an hour taking photos. The guests went to the reception which had cocktail hour from 5:45-7. Dinner at 7 and then partied until 12. By about 9-10 it started clearing out a bit. But I would say about half of our guests stayed the entire night (about 100). Everyone that really mattered stayed and we had a BLAST!!

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I too am getting married on a Sunday. I haven't started my pre ceremony timeline just yet but looking at what you have I think you may be rushing. Depending on how many BM, and aunts and your mother total 1 hour for breakfast and 2 hours hair and make up may not be enough.They should all be dressed and ready to go and have time to help you into your dress. Also I agree with Haley you may want to allow a lil more time for photos.
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You have some great advice in the post about contacting your DJ and photographer. They will be able to give you an idea of just how long all the pictures you have picked out will take. Also, ask your make up and hair person how long it will take them to get everyone done.

For your reception - grand entrance (4:30-4:45), first dance (4:45-5:00), begin dinner (5:00 - 6:30 or 7), father/daughter (7:00-7:15) mother/son dance (7:15-7:30), dancing (7:30-8:30), anniversary dance (8:30-8:45), bouquet and garter (if you are doing them) (8:45-9:00), dancing (9:00-10:30), cake cutting (10:30-10:45), more dancing (10:45-11:45), last dance and grand exit (11:45-12:00). If you keep blocks of time versus specific minutes everyone invloved has some flexibility and knows the general flow of events without being stuck to a clock. If your photographer keeps you a few minutes later, or it takes longer to round everyone up you have the time built in. Less stress for everyone.

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Are your Aunts getting their hair done too? Or just helping set up decorations?

I got to be honest, I would send the Men over to the venue and have a few women (aunts/cousins) to direct and help to be sure your vision is executed. But I think yourself, your mom, and your bridesmaids should have your hair done and start pictures instead of doing the set up. I've seen the mock up of the centerpieces, and I feel the men can do it. Take really good pictures of what you expect the tables to look like. Have an Aunt over to your house to see your set up in person and express any concerns to her. And let the men set it up. It only takes them 30 min to get ready for pictures.

Also, to help ease your nerves, get to the reception space 30 min before the ceremony. People start showing up 15 min before. This way you are already inside and in the brides room. You have time for a potty break if needed. You can touch up your hair or make-up. Get some nice pictures with your parents.

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7:00 wake up, shower, eat, drive to appt
8:00 hair appt *8:30- Men at hall to set up
9:45? make-up
10:30? drive to location you're getting dressed at
11:00 start getting into dress (could take up to 30 min -stubborn button loops-twisted corset ribbon)
11:30 Bridal shots * Men return, Eat, then get dressed
12:00 Brides - combo shots with family & wedding party
12:35 Groom does his combos with family and WP - Bride Eats & does touch-ups
1:10 drive to chapel
1:30 arrive at chapel - set up decorations -touch ups - Men do alter photos
2 Ceremony (is it really a 60 min ceremony?)
2:30 - 2:45 - hugs - greet guests
3- 4:15 B&G photos - family shots
4:20 line up
4:25 entrance

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