Should I do the Father Daughter dance for my second wedding?
This is my second wedding and I've asked my dad to walk me down the isle, but I'm not sure whether I should have a father-daughter dance with him. I'm 37 and my fiance is 36 and we are funding and hosting the wedding. My husband to be is a widower and we are both trying to keep the wedding low-key. We will have a bridal dance but I was thinking that would be it. I don't want to offend my dad but do you think it's inappropriate to do that dance on #2? I feel a little too old for that.

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Ask your dad if he wants to.

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If it's important to you, then just ask, But if it's not important to have a set 'Father-Daughter Dance', then don't, but I'm sure he'll take you for a spin or two on the floor if you just ask!

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I can definitely see where you are coming from. You have him giving you away, I think that is the biggest tribute and compliment really. Just explain to him WHY you don't want to do the have a pretty valid reason!

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I don't think you could ever be 'too old' to dance with your father.
I agree with poster above.
Ask him what he thinks and decide from there.
Is your FH planning on dancing with his Mother?
If he does, and then you don't, it might feel a little lop sided.
In the end, it's your day, so I would just talk to the major players and make the decision that makes you most comfortable.

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if you want to do the dance I say do it there's no harm in it

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Thanks everyone!
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