How far in advance should I get my dress altered?
My wedding isn't for another ten months, but I do have my dress. However the smallest size they had was a four and I wear a two, so I have to get it altered a bit. So I think altogether they have to shorten it a tad, bring in the waist, bustle it, and put in some bra cups. How long in advance do you think I should have it done? I got my dress from David's Bridal so I'll probably get it altered there. Should I wait so it gets cleaned closer to my wedding date, or should I have it done sooner so if something isn't quite right I have time to fix it? Also another questions....mine is a zipper back. Do you think having them turn it into a corset (lace up back) will fix the size around the waist?

Mary <3s Mike
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Mary <3s Mike
Married: 05/27/2011
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I should also probably mention that I have been the same size since like, junior high, so I don't think worrying about weight will be an issue, I'm pretty consistent.
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Does it absolutely need to be cleaned? If it does I would do that before you have alterations done - sometimes, depending on the fabric, they may shrink a little.
I would schedule your fitting appointment now (so you will be on their schedule) and set it for 3 to 4 weeks before the wedding. From what you said it seems that the needed alterations are pretty straight forward. If you needed more complicated alterations I would start 2 months out.
As far as the corset back goes I would discuss it with your seamstress. The design of the dress would determine if a corset back would be a good choice - it would give you flexibility if you lost or gained a little weight(sometimes the stresses of planning a wedding can do that). I have done bridal alterations for many years and have found that most can have the corset back put in easily but, some can be difficult.

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My dress came in in february, and my wedding is in august... I tried it on when it came in to make sure they sent the right size and there were no problems... then, I went in march to have my first fitting and then went in a gain in may... which was considered my final fitting, and then i left my dress there and they will press it for me for when i pick it up the week of my wedding... so i'd say wait a little bit... maybe like 6-4 months before... especially if you fluctuate in weight and size a lot... I usually don't soo it was no big deal...

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Mary <3s Mike
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Thanks everyone. By cleaning, I mean steaming, David's Bridal said they would steam it when I get it altered, I don't know if they do it before or after, and if it will affect the size. I think 1-2 months ahead sounds good, thank you so much for the advice.
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OK - Steaming is done after all alterations are done and just before you pick it up. It is done in place of, or in addition to, ironing to make it look it's best. It doesn't affect size.

Mary <3s Mike
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Oh okay! Thanks artistic!
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You're welcome.

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I actually wished I had done it earlier, that way I could of made sure the chest fit comfortably and if not, done something about it, I hope I didn't gain any weight..I have just under a month ot go and no finished altered dress yet..

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The sooner the better, because you want to make sure if for some reason they mess it up, they have plenty of time to fix it!

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You should call David's Bridal and ask. They are busier during some months (and will need more time to do the alterations). And they will probably need more time if you require more changes to your dress, like the corset. It's best to talk to the store to find out what their timeline is. I also got my dress at DB. The lady told me a certain time frame and said they would do the steaming for free, but they won't hold the dress for very long, so the timing can be tricky. I haven't decided if I want to keep DB for alterations though...
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