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Hey all!

Wondering if anyone has any ideas. We are making a donation instead of doing favors to a Heart and Lung hospital where I had surgery as a baby that saved my life. The hospital is working with me and has been amazing and says they will make bookmarks or cards or whatever I want to put on the table to let people know. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of wording, or more specifically a poem, to let people know instead of the traditional "in lieu of favor a donation has been made..." I know I want to say something to the effect of "this hospital performs miracles and because of these miracles Stacy is able to be here today to marry the lov of her life" but I need it to sound better! thanks guys

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oh! how cute is that! i love it! i dont have any advice but i love that!

Hayley C™
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With much thought and consideration,
we have chosen a special way to say “Thank You”
for sharing our wedding day with us.
In commemoration of our wedding day,
we have made a donation to

Name of Hospital
specializing in the Heart and Lungs

Name of Hospital performs miracles everyday.
Because of their talented staff
Stacy is able to be here today to marry the love of her life.

We feel the finest gift is one,
which helps others live longer and healthier lives.
We truly appreciate your being
part of our lives and this special day.

These donations are made in your honor.

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We did charitable favours as well and used the Hayley's wording as a template.

I printed the donation cards on the extra invitations that I had, and placed them in our centrepieces.
We did ours in memory to both of our grandmothers who passed away, and donated to the canadian cancer society.

Everyone who attended just loved the idea and thought it was such a nice way to honour our loved ones.
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