Crafty brides, help! DIY wedding purse?
I have this fabulous idea that I am going to make my own wedding purse, mostly as a card bag, but I'd prefer it not be the drawstring type, from the scraps of my wedding dress. (They cut off the train, so I have lots of material to work with.)
I found this one, and emailed the weddingbee lady in hopes of directions, but haven't heard back yet. (I'm a little impatient and like doing things, not just waiting around.)
Does anyone have any concrete directions to make something like this?

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I am not good at sewing projects but here's a link for a different kind. My other thought is that it's almost similar to a pillow case with the top folded over. Could you sew something like that and just add a magnetic snap to do a fold-over closure? Add some nice trim or lace and it should work??? Yes, no???

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I think, in theory, yes, but I'm wondering what is going on inside of this one, what the measurements are (and if anyone has any random advice on that front, I'm happy to hear it), how the strap is attached, etc.
I could definitely just wing it, but I'd feel better having some general directions to work from...

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Yeah, I was thinking that about the inside too. It should probably be fully lined. I'm sorry I'm not a better help, I couldn't begin to figure out the strap without doing a drawstring type. I'd love to see you do it though, my FMIL sews and she was going to try to make me one but she can't work with the nicer fabrics. She tends to do all cotton stuff. Good luck Mary!

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I think I'm just going to go for it!
Can anyone advise me on size/measurements? Even of your own (store-bought) purses that you will be using as envelope holders? I'm worried about "oversized" cards and about how much give it should have (like, am I going to have 2" of cards? more less?). We're having about 120 guests...

Hayley C™
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Instructions for you. Good Luck!

Satin Wedding Purse


5/8 Yd. White Bridal Satin
20" x 20 1/2" Fusible Pellon Interfacing
1-5/8" Yd. 2" Iridescent Ruffled Lace
1 Yd. 4mm Iridescent Pearls by the Yard
3 Ribbon Roses
2/3 Yd. 1/8" Satin Ribbon
Velcro Tab Closure
Cool Melt Glue Gun or Designer Tacky Glue
26 Ga. Craft Wire
Needle and Thread, Sewing Machine
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