Chocolate Brown and Bright Teal Wedding
Hey there brides-to-be!
I wanted to get peoples take on my wedding colors
We're getting married in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple on April 10, 2010, and afterwards were having our reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in the Empire Room.
Are colors are brown, teal, and white accents.
We are going to have floor length white table cloths with dark brown overlays, and white chair covers with teal ribbons. For our centerpiece we are planning on have a large square clear vase filled with white carnations, and teal crystals inside it. These will be a on round mirrors, and each mirror will have 4 dark brown candles with a teal ribbon around it. :)
Our cake is a little bit on the non-traditional side. Since we both love chocolate we are going to a marble chocolate and vanilla cake with dark brown butter-cream frosting and a thick teal ribbon on the bottom of each layer, with white scroll work.

Thoughts?! Also if anyone has any pictures please post! Thanks! :)

Married: 04/10/2010
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Sounds really pretty! Here are some pics!

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Married: 01/17/2010
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Beautiful cake!


CNI Designs
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LOVE the color combo! One of my favs! Here's an inspiration board I put together using these colors ~
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I just LOVE those colors!!! To my eyes, shades of brown combined with shades of blue are among the most pleasing color schemes you can have!
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Love the colors especially since they are our biz colors!
Here are some links to items with your colors themes:

Also our new line of Exclusively Ours Custom Favor Boxes can be done in any colors - aqua and brown will be added this week:

Events TaylorMade

Events TaylorMade
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Gorgeous colors!
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Here is another link to embroidered Table runners in Chocolate- they're gorgeous!

Married: 06/11/2010
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those colors are soooo perfect together! theres something about them that says fun, but also elegant at the same time!! veryyy good pick!
love the pics konichiwa! :)

Luly's Wedding Accessories

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