Can't find ribbon to match bridesmaid dresses!!
My bridesmaid dresses are by mori lee in the color eggplant (dark purple). I have been looking high and low for eggplant ribbon to match and can't even find anything close. Everything I'm finding is in a very PURPLE purple. Ive attempted to order a few online that looked the right color and said they were "eggplant" but they are all very purple, one was even a pink color. Anyone know where I can find deep purple ribbon?

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I found this on Etsy, does this work? Eggplant Ribbon Bridal Sash, Wedding Sash, Bridesmaid Belt $11.00

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I bought this ribbon (in a different color) to match my BMs. Either lapis or plum is a dark purple.. I can't really tell from the ribbon pictures, but you can look at the dresses in those colors and see what's closest to yours.

ETA: also looking at colors online, it might not be coming through on the computer screen right. can you take a swatch to Jo-ann's, Michael's, AC Moore, some place like that?
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I have a difficult color to match too ( David's bridal peacock) and I've found luck at ribbon bazaar and bb crafts.

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Does the ribbon absolutely have to match? Do you have an accent color that would be pretty and "pop" with the dresses? I chose the dress for my girls from AA, and it comes with a sash. I told them as long as they stick to Cherry (red), Black, and Moonlight Waltz (silver), they could do whatever combination they wanted, as long as my MOH hadn't chosen that combo first.

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I actually saw some eggplant ribbon and other eggplant items in my clearance section at Michaels. I'd try them anyway since they have a large selection and you can see it before you buy it.
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I'd go to a brick and mortar store rather than online. Snip a tiny bit from the inside of one of the dresses (after alterations!!) and take it with you to Michaels, Joann, Hobby Lobby, etc. Good luck!

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I've looked at my local Michaels, Joann Fabrics, Handcock Fabrics, Bargain Bills Crafts and I even gave walmart a try. I do have an accent color, wine/cranberry/burgundy, but there are some places where i wanted the main color in a ribbon. At this point it doesnt even have to "match" the dresses. Anything darker than a very purple purple would make me happy. I live in a small city, 70,000 so next weekend i think im going to head to Minneapolis / Saint Paul to see if i can find something there. In the mean time, I'll attempt some more online sources and see if i can get lucky.
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Try M and J trimming in NYC or The Ribbon Jar online
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Try amazon, I got my ribbon off there and it matched perfectly :) just search for eggplant colored ribbon

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Try Fuzzy Fabric, BBCrafts, May Arts, Ribbon Factory, Ribbon Treat and more
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