Branch centerpieces
I found a great site with cheap manzanita branches approx. $6 each. what else do i need for those centerpieces? and do you know any cheap places to find crystals etc?

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{bump} :) im sure this question has been asked a million times :(

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You will need a base of some kind. This could be a glass Vase or A Urn,pottery pot, Wooden box, etc.
Then you will need something to secure the branches. Plaster a paris or some kind of pebbles.
As far as Crystals you can order them from

I hope this is helpful.
Attached are some branches that I have made.

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@ Jessica - where did you buy the manzanita branches?

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we're using a lot of branches. We're getting cymbidium orchids to put on the branches just to liven it up. Orchids are really hearty and can be left out of water for a while and still look good. I'm not sure where to get crystals, but I'm sure if you look around you cna find some. good luck! :)

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Those are beautiful! We did a sand ceremony and used some colored sand. That would be neat to put around the base to help reinforce your colors.

They had the best prices and we were passing thru anyway so we just picked some up.

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Jun 10, 2010 at 10:58 AM • Flag As Inappropriate is where im getting the branches from. they are pretty cheap depending on the size. natural red manzanita 18"-24" is $6.48 each, but if you need a lot of them, they have bulk packages too.

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for the crystals use christmas beads or garland cut apart, thats all any of this bling really is, if you buy them from a florist the are big bucks,buy the christmas garland and they are around 2.50 for a 9ft garland. We just had a sample of our centerpieces made and I examined them closely because they have the " crystals" hanging from them . The florist is also a friend that has been in buisness for years and we really trust . We are actually going to buy some to just spread on top of the table, for the extra bling . We spent $150 bucks on each centerpiece and the hanging crystals are all plastic good luck

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how many branches do you use per centerpiece?

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i plan on using just one big branch or you can add some filler ones with it to make it fuller but i think just one should be fine. yeah i dont expect to buy real crystal lol. as long as it sparkly i dont care if its plastic or whatever.

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The Beads on the Crystal tree I posted above are from Buy the Beaded Curtains in any color you want. They are around 24.99 a piece. That tree has 2 curtains on it. Just cut the bling to size!
ps....That tree is huge! For smaller arrangements you would not need 2 curtains.

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