Best Places to Register & What to Register for
I am trying to decide which places are the best to register for a wedding in Dallas with lots of family coming from East Coast and Midwest. We've been living together for a year so we have some of the staples. What about dinner china, do people still register for that? Has anyone had difficulty with Amazon, or online only sites? Any feedback or discussion would be great! Thanks.

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I registered at Target, Macys and Crate and Barrel. And I'm going to do a honeymoon registry through Carnival.

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The honeymoon registry sounds really interesting!! Thanks for the tip. :)


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Most of your favorite stores probably have a gift registry (they may not call it a wedding registry but it serves the same purpose), so you could probably get more of your favorite things by going there. Where do you normally shop?

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Bed, Bath and Beyond

I'm not registering for china. I onyl got 3 settings in my first marriage, and we took them back. I promise- I haven't missed them.

I'm only registering because people are freaking out that we aren't. So, fine- I'll replace my bath towels...

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my brothers wife recommended that i reg at Walmart bcuz they have same things as target and even more of a selection ( and cheaper).. so im doing target and walmart

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What about ideas for him? I don't want people from his side of the family to think the only options are the girlie stuff. Any good man gift ideas?

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We are registered at Macys, Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon. We found out from Macys that neither them or Bed Bath accept non US based credit cards online but after researching I found out that Amazon does so I moved most of our stuff there.

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We just wen the other day and my FH registered for a grill it was a pretty decent grill for 90.00 he might actually get it lol!

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When is a good time to register? Do you wait until you send the invites? Or can I start now, and then let people know later? What is the etiquette in letting people know where you register?

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you can start at any time, but you definitely want to have something in the works by the time you send the save the dates. ideally you would put your wedding website url on the STD and that will have an area for registries.

the nice thing is that you can continually update the site and and the registries, but when you send the STD the starter info is there. as for etiquette, i think most will agree that the best place for the registry info is on the wedding website. beyond the STD, you can put the URL on an invitation insert, but not on the invitation itself. showers are a bit different since others are throwing them for you, so the party planners can put registry/wedding website info on the shower invite.

in general, the wedding website kind of takes care of everything because the info is there for the taking but you don't have to be so overt about it. hope that helps!

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Oh it does!!! Thank you! :D
Jul 22, 2010 at 10:13 PM • Flag As Inappropriate is a way to register for tons of different websites on the web and all items are in one place. It also syncs with FB. Perfect for those of you who want to register for unique items.

For those of you without an album in your photography package, consider registering with your photographer. I offer gift certificates and these are really popular for prints, albums or future portrait sessions....

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We registered at Bloomingdales, Williams Sonoma and Tiffany & Co. We registered Feb-April, as people have already sent us engagement gifts, so I say earlier the better.
We registered for fine china, everyday dishes, crystal, everyday glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes, pots and pans and all that other good stuff. While we already have the staples, we registered for new things, and we are planning on donating our old stuff.
Our registries are on our wedding site and on our STD. We will not be using an insert etc regarding our registries in our formal invitations. 164 of our 200 guests are out of town, so they got the STD, not the locals, and the locals can either ask my FS's parents or they know to check the usual sites for our registries.
Have fun with it for sure.

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@Gillian M. -The donation idea sounds really good, I might do the same. That's great advice!! Thanks.

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We did Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. BBB is an eastern/midwest store (not sure if they have them in TX?) but they give the BEST completion program- 40% off anything left on your registry!! We are asking people (via word of mouth) to give us a BBB gift card rather than buying a gift, since we can get them at 50% off. If ppl still get us a gift from BBB, we'll likely return it, wait until after the wedding, and then buy it again w/the discount.

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We did Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.... With target you can always return things an get items you need for everyday life.

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We're using -- been living together and have the basics. Rather avoid returns all together and focus on our bigger goal of buying a home -- it's cute how you can use the site to break it up into little contribution gifts.
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