Alternatives to unity sand or candle...
Hi to all! I am getting married in June 2011 and I need some help. My FH and I had decided to have the unity sand ceremony instead of the candle because we are having an outside wedding and I am convinced that if the wind blew the flame out I would be heartbroken LOL. However, the sand ceremony has become so popiular that FH decided he wanted something more unique. I am tickled that he wants to have a say-so in some of the details so I feel like I should find some other options. but i have NONE! Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)

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Umm...if he wants to have a say, why doesn't he come up with an idea? LOL The only thing different i've ever seen is using small shells instead of the sand.

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You can do a marriage contract that you both sign in front of your witnesses. We are thinking of doing a family one for us and all our kids.

There are all sorts of traditions from other countries to look into as well.

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He's trying LOL. He's been googling like crazy but that will only get you so far. We've heard things like joining flowers from separate bouquets into a single vase and other similar ideas, but we both really want to find something that is very different and amazing. Still searching though :)

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A saw some friends do a unity drink. They each had something to contribute, and then the combined drink they drank with a cute heart straw.

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If you're religious, there's a unity cross!

Hayley C™
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I was at an outdoor wedding where they had a really cool lantern with 3 hanging lanterns hanging, that way they could do the "candle" ceremony, and the flame was protected by the glass sides of the lantern.

and then just pick your lanterns - or any other site

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Salt covenant, wine-sharing, hand fasting, exchanging roses, love letter in a box w/bottle of wine, watering a small tree then planting it in your yard.

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Wow thank you all so much for your suggestions! I'm looking into all of them right now. Anything else, please keep it coming!

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Google hand fasting, I've heard of several brides refer to it, kinda cool alternative.
One of the brides on here did something similar to unity sand, but it was actually tiny little wax pieces they poured instead of sand. Same affect as the sand but afterwards it had a wick you could light like a candle.
Or you guys can custom make your unity sand container. I made mine from a shadow box and everyone thought it was really cool and unique. Here is the website with directions if you are interested...

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We're doing a wine ceremony. One of us has a glass of red, the other a glass of white, and we combine them into a blush which we then drink.

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Never heard of a wine ceremony! That's a cool idea!

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Oh wow these are all great ideas. keep 'em coming ladies :)
@Konichiwa- that is beautiful! Did you all have a special reading during the pouring of the sand or a song..?

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I am doing the unity cross. I think it is pretty cool.

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@Konichiwa I used the same tutorial for my unity sand!!!

@Tashawnna H. I have video of my sand ceremony with the wording posted here:

The sand ceremony is really common now, but most guest have still never seen it before!

There is a unity ceremony that some people do where you plant a small tree or plant sometimes the soil is from the bride and grooms parents yards. There is also one where the couple puts wine in a box (I think) and drives the nails in together and then on one of their anniversaries they open it up.

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I discovered there can be a chocolate ceremony! Hehe... my FH might not be so thrilled about that idea...
Chocolate ceremony, loving cup, rose exchange, shell ceremony, red thread, beach glass ceremony, truce bell, bouquet of love and support, wine ceremony, Celtic pebble toss, Celtic Oathing Stone, hand washing, water blending ceremony were the suggestions from one site. (google individually to find sample wordings)
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One of my Brides did a Tree Ceremony it was so pretty

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We are doing a rose ceremony. after you say your vows, your first gift to each other is a rose. Its very sweet.

The Mrs. B
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Try an hourglass ceremony. You pour the glass into a custom-made hourglass, and then flip it over as soon as the ceremony is over to "start" your new lives together. I think Heirloom Hourglass does it. =)

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I love the rose ceremony. :)
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