One day catering liability insurance and licensure
Hello, I am gettin married in Oct. of this year. My father is a self taught chef, and has worked his way up in the culinary field. He will be catering my wedding. The place that im looking at has no problem with that as long as he has his liability insurance and licensure. My father is currently employed at a private club and does not have the required documents of his own. How can we obtain such documents for just the wedding day? ANY guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks! -Stressed out bride!

Married: 10/28/2011
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Brian Cesario Photography, LLC
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Nadia, the best answers will come from the pro caterers; however, I don't know that you can get a one-day license. Typically (and caterers, please correct me if I'm wrong here), licenses are issued by each state's health department, are valid for one year, and they have to see the kitchen in which the food will be prepared. I don't know that your dad will want to go to all the trouble of obtaining a license.

Married: 10/28/2011
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Thanks i started to look into our health department. :-/

Brian Cesario Photography, LLC
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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Nadia. My guess is that the venue's management staff probably thought that your dad owns an established catering business, and had already obtained the requisite certificates and coverage.
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We require a $1 million dollar insurance policy and a copy of the caterer's health dept. certificate. Your dad should check with his employer to see who they use for insurance and talk w/ the local health dept. authorities regarding your situation.

Good luck.
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