Wedding Favor Bookmarks by Low Budget Fairy Tale Weddings

Wedding Favor Bookmarks by Low Budget Fairy Tale Weddings

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Little Gifts That Say A Lot

Wedding Favor Bookmarks - Little Gifts That Say A Lot!
For complete details and to place an order, visit our website : ... read more
Wedding Favor Bookmarks - Little Gifts That Say A Lot!
For complete details and to place an order, visit our website :

BEACH-WEDDING-BOOKMARKPersonalized wedding favor bookmarks are perhaps the least expensive yet one of the most elegant and useful favors I've found to give to your guests.

When careful thought and a little time is put into designing them, bookmarks are an elegant yet very inexpensive way to say Thank You to your guests plus give them a gift that they can use for a lifetime.

Our wedding favor bookmarks are 2" x 6" in size with a variety of beautiful graphic designs in the background, personalized with the couples' choice of a saying, poem or verse, their first names and the date of the wedding. Colorful tassels that compliment the colors of the bookmark design can be added to the top as well.

Printed on high quality card stock then laminated on both sides, your bookmarks can be saved in a scrapbook or used on a daily basis as a reminder that your guest was thanked and appreciated for attending your event.

With wedding favor bookmarks, you'll be showing your guests that you appreciate them sharing your day with you, while saving money at the same time. Inexpensive and useful elegance that shows you care.

Why Choose Our Bookmarks?

At Low Budget Fairy Tale Weddings, we understand the importance of showing your guests that you appreciate them sharing your day with you, but also how to do that while saving money.

Our bookmarks will help you do both!

We do ONLY wedding bookmarks here at Low Budget Fairy Tale Weddings. Our bookmarks are printed on white card stock then laminated on both sides.

We have several designs to choose from and we'll personalize your wedding favor bookmarks with a favorite saying or simply add your names and wedding date to a ready-made design. Sometimes the photo says it all.

You can even further personalize your wedding favor bookmarks by having your engagement photo added to a ready-made design or in place of it. Simply email us the photo and we'll design the bookmarks for you.

Do-It-Yourself or We'll Do Them for You!

Here's how to order your wedding favor bookmarks:

Choose a design template, personalize, then order just the PDF file to download, print and finish yourself - or -

Choose a design, personalize and have us print, finish and ship the finished bookmarks to you.
So you can simply order the template design to be emailed to you in PDF format and you can print out as many or as few as you need, or you can place the order for us to print and complete the bookmarks for you and ship them.

Which way is best for you?  GOLDEN-RINGS-BOOKMARK

That depends on your time and materials. The bookmarks are ready to be printed, laminated and trimmed. If you already have a laminating machine and paper trimmer handy, or know someone who does, and you have the time to finish them, simply order the template.

You'll need Adobe Reader to open and print the design, a laminating machine and a paper trimmer and you're set to go. The convenient part about ordering the software is you only need to print out as many bookmarks as you'll need. And if your guest list grows a little, just print out more!

If you have some time constraints and have a close idea of how many guests you need favors for, simply order the whole package, which is still at a very reasonable cost and guaranteed to be exactly what you want.

Of course, by ordering the whole package, you will want to give yourself enough lead time to make sure you receive them on time.

So it's a good idea to order them at least four weeks before your wedding date. Just like with personalized wedding invitations, they do take time to do. And unlike some other vendors, we don't mass produce our wedding favor bookmarks. They are done on an individual basis for each bride or couple.

Our Samples

We have designed some beautiful samples with a variety of backgrounds and sayings for you to choose from. Each design is ready for you to add your own names and wedding date. Or if you have a special poem, saying or Bible verse you'd like to include, you can do that too.

You'll find our prices very competitive and reasonable. Every effort will be made to make sure your wedding favor bookmarks are exactly what you ordered. And of course, we offer a complete money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.


Price for ordering custom bookmarks in PDF file format only for you to finish: $7.95. No additional charges or fees. Just $7.95.

Prices for us to print, laminate and mail your bookmarks to you, with tassels if they are requested:

Amount Price Each PDF file only $7.95 25-49 $1.50 each 50-99 $1.25 each 100-150 $1.15 each 151-200 $1.00 each 201-300 $0.90 each 301-400 $0.80 each 401-600 $0.65 each 601-1000 $0.50 each 1001+ $0.45 each


Shipping Information

If you're simply ordering the PDF file to finish your favors yourself, there is no shipping fee. The PDF file will be sent to you via email. Please allow approximately three (3) business days to receive your file.

For complete orders, order early and allow up to four (4) weeks to receive your bookmarks. We ship for a flat rate of $6.95 and will use either USPS or FedEx Ground, depending on the size of the order, so make sure that you provide a physical shipping address as FedEx will not deliver to a PO Box. All tracking information will be sent to you upon shipment.

For complete details and to place an order, visit our website :
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