Vintage Rose Weddings

Vintage Rose Weddings

Fyffe, AL
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108 Bryan Drive, Fyffe, AL 35971

Vintage Rose Weddings
Fyffe, AL | Owner - Jillean Bryan | 256-717-8345

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Vintage Rose Weddings
Fyffe, AL | Owner - Jillean Bryan | 256-717-8345
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Thank you for considering Vintage Rose for your special day! I would love to capture your once in a life time moments!

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event that you will want to remember forever. After it is all said and done, your vows spoken, the rings placed upon your fingers, the wedding cake eaten, the wedding toast made & the wedding dress packed away, all is left are the memories & pictures.

I know how important this day is to you and your family & will work with you to make your wedding photos just as you would like. My mission is to capture the love and romance, the emotions, of your wedding day. I do not concentrate on formal poses but will certainly do them if that is what you want. My style is a bit different from traditional photography and more in line with the trends of today. I capture those unexpected moments. Those moments on the dance floor when you are so consumed in the love you feel for each other that you don't know anyone else is there. Those moments that you will cherish forever.

If a photo-journalistic style of photography is right for you, give ma a call, text or email. Click to Contact me! I will be glad to talk to you about your upcoming wedding and what I can do for you to preserve those once in a lifetime moments.

Meet Your Wedding Photographer
Jillean Bryan - Owner of Jillean Bryan Photography in Northeast Alabama
Hi, I am Jillean, wife & mother of two young boys.  I am here today because this is one of the wonderful talents that God saw fit to bless me with.   I am a self taught photographer in Fyffe, Alabama.  I spent my childhood in both Rainsville & Gadsden, Alabama.  I graduated from Plainview High School in 1996 & have stayed around the area ever since.  I am a city girl at heart but still very connected to my small town roots.  I have spent the past seven years as the accounting & post closing coordinator at a real estate law firm in Chattanooga.  While I have this full time job, I dedicate myself to my photography business as much as humanly possible.  I work hard to ensure my clients are happy & taken care of in every way possible.  If you are a client, you know I work harder for my clients than ever expected.

I have a deep love for the arts that goes back as far as I can remember.  I was given my first camera when I was 10 years old & I ran through film like crazy!  I was the kid in school that always had a camera & that so many counted on for capturing the 'moments'.  When I say that I am self taught, that means that pretty much everything I know I learned on my own.  When i decided to go into the business, I spent (and still spend) hours searching the internet for information.  Hours on hours of reading photography books & watching video tutorials.  Trial and error also played a big role in my education in the beginning.

Giving Back
I also love helping people!  I do this by serving as a mentor to beginning photographers.  Unlike a lot of photographers, I have decided to pass on the information I worked so hard to learn.  As a beginning photographer, it is very difficult to get any 'established' photographer to help you in any way or even point you in the right direction.  For some time now, it has been my mission to help those young photographers to get off to a good start.  Those young photographers that come my way, show a great passion for the art & ask for my help; get my help.  I mentor a small group of younger photographers & help them in any way that I can. 

For My Clients
I hold regular photo sessions in the evenings and on the weekends, which works out great for clients who have a full time 9 to 5 job as well.  No matter what day of the week or weekend your wedding is on, I will make myself available to you for the entire day.  Even though I work a full time job as well as well as being a photographer, I somehow manage to get your entire wedding session completed and ready for proofing in two to four weeks tops.  I have been editing for long enough, I know how to quickly do everything that needs to be done to make your pictures amazingly beautiful with little effort!  With my busy schedule, I know how to prioritize and get things DONE!  I don't like keeping my clients waiting and waiting to see the memories from their big day.

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