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Worried about having a covid wedding

Hannah, on November 12, 2020 at 9:30 PM Posted in Wisconsin Planning 0 2
My wedding is 8-28-21 and with the way this pandemic is going I'm getting a little nervous about my wedding turning into a covid hot spot or something. When we made the guest list we tried to make it small. We chose to do 18 years old and up and no 2nd cousins because of covid and just overall costs. We also chose to do a dual invite, so basically just family and closest friends at the ceremony and reception and then other friends and coworkers coming later for drinks and dancing. With everyone including plus one's and photographers, dj, officiant, etc., we have about 160 people if everyone were to come. If the world is still in a bad place by May/June next year we are prepared to have to cut all the cousins and their plus one's and probably also a lot of the not so close friends and live stream the wedding instead. I 100% want all guests to feel safe, so I would rather they stay home if they don't feel comfortable being around that many people. But I also don't want to only have a few people there if no one feels safe coming. We are locked into the date. There's no changing it, which is fine. We are going to have the wedding that day no matter what, even if it does end up just being us and our parents and siblings all socially distanced (that's what my sister did this October). Anyone else beginning to think/worry/stress about this?


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    You're definitely not alone or the only person thinking about these things Hannah!!

    It sounds like you have a good Plan B, and will hold firm on your date - which is great! Do you know about what the size of your downsized guest list would look like? I'd check what your local gathering restrictions have been (and keep them in mind as a guide) and also check your venue's capacity numbers in case you need to know them!

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    Hi Lynnie,
    Yes we have a plan A-E. Plan D would be down to about 48 or 49 people and plan E would probably just end up being parents, grandparents, siblings, bridal party, officiant and photographer, so about 20. We will check with the venue on their updated covid guidelines closer to the date as they keep changing. Max capacity is 225.
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