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When to have a post wedding party - Friday soon after the wedding or Saturday 3 months after the wedding?

mrswinteriscoming, on October 26, 2021 at 7:14 PM Posted in Parties and Events 0 5

I posted earlier about my parents wanting to throw us an after party for our wedding (to essentially celebrate with all the people who we can’t have at our wedding due to the covid restrictions that will then be in place) and after they talked to us about it (and apologised for their previous behaviour) we have decided to go ahead with the event.

I wanted to gauge input about when to do the event (which will be an evening of lots of food, drinks and dancing).

Our options are:

A – Friday night from 7pm – midnight (5 weeks after the wedding)

B – Saturday night from 6pm – 11pm (3 months after the wedding)

I wouldn’t necessarily mind having the Saturday to get over the hangover (so that on Sunday we can still enjoy the day) but with people working on Friday I’m trying to think what would be better?

I'm not too fussed but I don't know if a Saturday party is worth waiting the additional 2 months for. Thoughts?


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  • Cece
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    I would go for the Friday! It’s closer to your wedding date, so people will probably be more excited about it (since it’s still fresh in their minds) and will make them feel more a “part” of your wedding. I always like having an event to look forward to when I get off work on Friday, and 7 is plenty of time to get ready after work. I’ve also found it’s easier to find a babysitter on a Friday night than it is on a Saturday night. And like you mentioned, everyone will have Saturday to “sleep it off” if needed; and if not, they still have their whole weekend to enjoy!
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  • Rosie
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    Yes I agree with Cece, 7pm is plenty of time to change after work, meet up with anyone else who is going with you, maybe have a drink and then get to the party! Plus I love having something on a friday night, because it makes the whole weekend seem so much longer!

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  • Victorian Bride
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    We are eloping in February to Jamaica. Our formal black tie celebration/reception won't be until October 2022. We plan on mailing wedding announcements/reception invites by May, at the latest, because most of our guests live far away or out of the Country. Our reception will be on a Sunday night.

    I say go with whichever date makes you happiest. I know you'll have a wonderful time!! Best wishes.

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  • Fiona
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    We're having a 50th wedding anniversary party on a Friday night and we were worried about people and work too but that was just the best day and date so pick whatever works best for you. Probably 5 weeks after your wedding might be better though because as pp said people are still excited and keen about your wedding happening. Smiley smile

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  • Emilia
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    Hi ! I'd definitely go for Friday ! It's closer to the wedding and there's still a weekend after that ;-)

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