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Small vent about bp and parties

Rebecca, on July 24, 2019 at 3:06 AM Posted in Parties and Events 0
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So, first of all, my BP is pretty cool, and my friends are really supportive and amazing.
THAT said, my bridesman has ... gone a bit overboard with the bachelorette party planning. My MOH was really sick for a month after killing it for my bridal shower, so he took over the bachelorette, from what I can tell.
Cue several weeks of him triangulating FH and MOH into telling me which days I need to take off - but never telling me. My feedback was: "I can't take off weekends, and he needs to talk to me." His reaction: "SHE HATES THE DATES."
Me: "...I work weekends at a tipped job."
Anywho, he *finally* actually talked to me about it, and even when I stressed that I don't really have extra time, am very happy with the one thing that is planned (a surprise, but I suspect a Broadway show, which, really is *exactly* the kind of thing I want), he seems to still be trying to plan some kind of trip. I love and adore him, he's practically my brother, but that also means, he, of all people, knows how my schedule and my finances work. We've got a month to the wedding and I'm struggling to get enough hours in at work to pay for everything.

I'll keep talking to him, but... ugh, sometimes he gets like this and doesn't want to listen at all.

(And this is not even touching FH's side of the party, who can't communicate, don't believe in setting plans in stone, intimated that I was needed for this weekend, so I *did* take off, and then cancelled that whole part of it on MONDAY... again, without contacting anyone.)
Bonus for us asking for help with the centerpieces and no one responding to that email.

One month. One month. Can do it.

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