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O'ahu diy Brides

Caprice, on April 12, 2021 at 10:24 PM Posted in Hawaii Planning 0 3

Is anyone else going DIY crazy over their wedding decorations? I found it super fun, and I got to personalize a LOT of what I wanted to decorate the reception venue, all while saving tons of money.

I ended up deciding to MAIL my stuff in boxes, and luckily found an amazing company to help with this! JWL Events & Decor offers an **affordable*** DIY bride package on O'ahu - they'll coordinate receiving and dropping off and even installing/breaking down the decorations you've made. Smiley smile

Has anyone else had success stories about DIY'ing to a Hawai'i destination wedding?

How did you get your decorations there, and any tips/regrets?


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  • Lynnie
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    Oh wow - that's such an awesome find Caprice!! That will be a huge help logistically for your destination wedding! 🌟

    I'd also make sure you have a system for staying organized (knowing what décor is in which box) and comprehensive checklists for everything you need to do once you arrive in Hawai'i!

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  • Caprice
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    Oh yeah, most definitely have everything itemized and boxes numbered and etc. Smiley smile

    I hope other places have amazing coordinators like this too! It's a great help!
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  • D
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    Daisha ·
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    Getting married in October. Was already going on vacation & since most of our close friends/family were already joining the trip, we decided to just get married while we’re there 😊 Doing a super simple elopement on the beach type wedding, so really only decorating for our dinner/reception. I have a Cricut, so LOTS of ideas for diy decor, but planning on keeping it as simple as possible and transporting everything decor related in one checked-in bag! Wish me luck!
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