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Brianna, on May 16, 2020 at 8:44 AM Posted in District of Columbia Planning 2 5
Good morning friends! My fiance and I just made the decision to cancel our California Destination wedding this summer. We still want to get married in an intimate ceremony here at home. In doing research we read about Self Officiating your own wedding in DC. How cool!! We've considered that route with a videographer/photographer and just reading our vows (at a monument or something?)

Then I heard about Micro-Weddings and more and more vendors are offering them! Small wedding ceremonies that can have flowers and a cake even.
I'm wondering if any other couples have done something similar recently? Experience? Cost? Vendors?


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  • Michelle
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    So my fiance and I have also just found out and are now planning to do a self-uniting ceremony in DC. Since we will be away from our families we are planning to just make it a private affair with nice outfits, a bouquet, vows and cake afterwards. In researching this idea I came across Pop Wed and DC Elopement which might suit you if you want a little more assistance. They both have packages with a photographer and one even does a cake.

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  • Gina
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    Hi Brianna,

    I'm so sorry your plans have changed but can I just say, I love how optimistic you are being about the change of plans!

    I'm sure this is such a difficult time and a decision you never hoped to make. But I truly love the idea of officiating your own wedding. I haven't heard of that before - so cool!

    I'm excited to hear what you end up deciding to do!

    Sending lots of love your way!

    Smiley heart

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  • C
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  • Jessica
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    We did a micro wedding in my parents back yard! They are quarantined elsewhere. So it was just us and my sister as our witness. My friend is a wedding photographer so she did our pics for free and then we splurged on an arbor and bouquet because it was the only real cost. Got take out from a local restaurant and my mother in law made the cake! I can post pictures if you’d like Smiley smile we are having a church wedding and reception exactly a year from our micro wedding so we can keep the same anniversary!
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  • Alisa
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    We are planning a micro-wedding before covid hit in Solomons, MD. we will have 5 guests only. we will be at a bed and breakfast on the water and our total budget is $6k. so far the vendors we have are day of coordinator, photographer, hair and make up, buying flowers from a dc flower farm and making bouquet myself and the officiant. planning has been relatively simple for the most part and less guests means less $$$ and less stress

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