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How is the heat in June? Reception dress??

Kristine, on December 23, 2020 at 11:51 AM Posted in Hawaii Planning 0 4
I’m excited to have our wedding on the Big Island in June 2022. However, our officiant told me it's going to be HOT (she stressed that). We are having the ceremony start after 4pm, but I worry anout sweating during the reception.

I am debating on getting a getting a fun, lightweight dress to wear for the reception. I haven’t picked a wedding gown yet, but the ones I am looking at are pretty fitted (mermaid/fit-and-flare), and I don't know if I will want a gown that's restrictive or heavy during the reception.
I know it gets hot during the summer, but how is it once the sun goes down? Has anyone else had a second dress to change into during the reception?


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  • Belle
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    I am also researching this. I heard it depends on the location. Some locations are windy, so it could be a bit chilly after sunset. Maybe just prepare a throw or jacket?
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  • Kristine
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    Our venue is right on the Kona coast, so it gets both the wind and sunset. We have the whole top floor, which is mostly open-air; so no A/C.
    My fiance and I are hoping to go to the Big Island this June to do a trial run of the wedding and meet the vendors we have already booked, but more so to see how the weather will be around that time of the year.
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    Hi Kristine! That's awesome that you plan to visit the Big Island in June - that will give you the best idea of what things will be like!!

    Googling average temps says that in June the average high is 86 degrees and the average low is 72 degrees, so I think the closer to sundown you can start the ceremony the better!

    I also think it doesn't hurt to have a short breezy dress on hand as a back-up!

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  • KaiJan33
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    Hi got married on Maui and started photos around 2 pm with some bamboo and was out until 9 pm

    I have been to Maui 5 other times on week - two week trips so I am fairly used to the weather. I also know 11-2 like most places is the hottest. It also is normally the windiest time as well.
    Here are some of my photosMy dress was an A-line tulle and organza and I never felt over heated or anything. How is the heat in June? Reception dress?? 1
    How is the heat in June? Reception dress?? 2
    How is the heat in June? Reception dress?? 3

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