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Kalli, on September 11, 2019 at 1:02 PM Posted in Parties and Events 0 22
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Do you invite your coworkers to any of the showers/ceremony or no?


  • Caytlyn
    Champion November 2019
    Caytlyn ·
    We’re each inviting 2-3 coworkers to the wedding. They won’t be invited to the shower. We’re not close enough that we would invite them to an event where they’re expected to give us a gift.
  • Alycia
    Devoted April 2020
    Alycia ·
    Nope, only friends who were former colleagues. I didn't want to invite everyone or have someone feel left out.
  • Cara
    Savvy May 2020
    Cara ·
    My FH and I meat at work and have both worked here for nearly a decade. So we’ll be inviting coworkers. I’m already feeling anxious about people being offended at not making the cut.
  • Megan
    Just Said Yes October 2019
    Megan ·
    We have each invited a few from our jobs to the wedding, but not all of those people got invited to the shower.
  • Sara
    VIP October 2019
    Sara ·

    We struggled a lot with this, and ended up only inviting coworkers who we regularly see outside of work. I had a few guys - one office mate and two mentors - that I was really on the fence about inviting, and I think they would have been reasonable inclusions without making any other coworkers feel left out, but in the end we decided to skip inviting people in that category.

  • Chandra
    Master May 2019
    Chandra ·
    Had our wedding been local I would have invited my coworkers to it. But we had it 700 miles away and they understood why they weren't invited.
    I didnt have a shower so that wasnt an issue!
  • Yasmin
    Savvy September 2019
    Yasmin ·
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    Yes, agree with this comment. We did the same.

  • Yasmin
    Savvy September 2019
    Yasmin ·
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    Yes, that's so true!

  • M
    Super September 2019
    Miss ·
    Yes, some of them.
  • Katie
    Dedicated November 2020
    Katie ·
    I'm inviting co-workers I consider friends
  • Peggy
    Master November 2019
    Peggy ·
    I chose to invite former coworkers who I was also friends with outside of work. I’m not inviting any current coworkers.
  • Katie
    Super November 2019
    Katie ·
    We each invited one coworker to the wedding but we did not invite them to the shower
  • Hannah
    Dedicated December 2019
    Hannah ·
    I have been really struggling with this. In my specific office there are 13 people (not including me) and I’m pretty close to most of them so I invited them (close to 40 people with spouses/children included). Honestly I’m okay with that. I’m not happy about inviting one of my bosses though because we are not close in the slightest. Our relationship is formal/professional and I’m a little concerned with her seeing me drink and stuff but I didn’t want to leave her out.🤷🏼‍♀️ I also have other coworkers in the building that I talk to regularly at work, but we aren’t close so I cut them from the list cause my guest list was getting out of control.
  • Paula
    Super September 2019
    Paula ·
    I didn't, just because I haven't worked at the company very long. Though my boss is friends with a friend of mine and is coming as her plus one.
  • E
    Just Said Yes September 2020
    Ela_S ·
    I decided that I will not invite any of my coworkers because I will feel bad if I only invite some and not others. I feel like a few of them will be expecting/hoping for an invitation. I may need to have a conversation with them about how our budget is constraint and we unfortunately cannot add them to the list. I feel like it’s easier to have a no coworkers rule so there’s no dilemma about who’s invited and who’s not 😐
  • FutureMrsD
    Legend July 2019
    FutureMrsD ·

    If they are invited to the wedding, you can invite them to the shower but you don't have to. Not vice versa though, don't invite them to wedding events if they aren't invited to the wedding. My boss & his wife, our receptionist & her boyfriend, and my coworker & his wife were all invited to our wedding. My boss's wife ended up coming to my bridal shower too.

  • Melle
    Rockstar June 2019
    Melle ·
    You can invite them if they're invited to the wedding but I think the bridal shower is also an affair where you think about who is close to you.
  • Cher Horowitz
    Rockstar December 2019
    Cher Horowitz ·

    Only if you want to! If you're friends, that's totally fine, but don't feel pressured to invite everyone you work with!

  • Mandi
    Rockstar March 2020
    Mandi ·
    None of my fiance's co workers are invited. I work at a much smaller office, and I will be inviting one co worker. My second job, I'll be inviting 2 co workers. But I knew both of them before I worked with them. And my boss is the ring bearers grandmother.

    Of those 3, only the friend I've known for about 10 years will be invited to the shower and bachlorette.
  • Megan
    Devoted October 2019
    Megan ·
    We invited coworkers who were friends outside of work... that was our criteria for coworkers.

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