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Gift Ideas for Non Bridesmaids

Katie, on June 16, 2021 at 2:37 PM Posted in Parties and Events 0 4

Hi ladies

I'm super excited for my bachelorette weekend in Nashville next month and have no idea what is planned except who is coming and where we're going obviously. It will be 9 girls including me and I really want to get a fun gift for everyone invited. I am planning to gift all my BMs something at the rehearsal or something later on but 3 of the women coming are not part of my bridal party but they are awesome and I want to do a fun gift for everyone involved. Does anyone have any fun ideas that aren't like "getting ready" stuff or other traditional bridesmaids gifts that I can do for the whole bachelorette crew?

PS - I know my sister and best friend, Co-MOHs, have stuff planned too so I don't want to step on their toes here either but I just love all these women and want to show them I appreciate them and the travel etc. Should I ask one of them what they have planned so I don't double dip? Or should I let them surprise me and hope I've thought of something different haha



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  • SHY
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    Instead of giving them a gift, which I'm sure you Co-MOH's and whoever else is planning has thought of, maybe do a sweet gesture for them all? They'll all be getting gifts already, so to cut down on that, you could always pay for everyone's drinks one night, or even dinner?

    But if you really want to get everyone something, you could gather some ideas and just send them to whoever's hosting to make sure they haven't already purchased those items for gift/gift bags!

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    I agree that just paying for a few rounds of drinks or picking up all the ubers or something while you're gone would be better than giving gifts. It seems odd to give a gift because they're giving you a gift (party, gifts, etc).

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  • Lynnie
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    What kind of gift were you thinking?? I've done cute little hangover kits of all the bach party attendees, koozies, and matching sunglasses! All cute stuff that's fun and a lower price point!

    Gift Ideas for Non Bridesmaids 1

    Gift Ideas for Non Bridesmaids 2

    Gift Ideas for Non Bridesmaids 3

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  • Katie
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    Thanks Lynnie! These are cute! I was thinking something fun and personalized to show my appreciation. They’re all taking off work and traveling for me.
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