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Just Said Yes August 2020

covid Wedding - Need Advice

Olivia, on July 20, 2020 at 1:31 AM Posted in Tennessee Planning 0 5

Hello all! My fiance and I are scheduled to get married in just three short weeks - 8/9/20 - in Nashville, TN. Our original wedding date was 6/28/20, but we moved it back in March when things were shutting down, and we thought this mess would be over by the summer.

Now, here we are three weeks out and our venue / event coordinating team has reached out to us and told us that because of regulations, we cannot have all 90 guests at our venue. We can only have 25 people (including vendors like photographer / videographer) at the wedding ceremony and reception. The space is a gorgeous space that has a large windows facing the river font, and even has an open outside area where we thought guests could safely social distance. Instead, our venue is graciously offering to move to another venue space that would allow for the guests to space out even further. This space has no parking (the original did, which is a huge perk in downtown Nashville), and is just a very different space than our original venue. To make things worse, our wedding invitations had a custom drawn outline of the original venue on them. We would also have to redesign everything for the new space - in 3 weeks!!

There is part of me that thinks having just our closest family there would not only save us a ton of money, but it would also be more intimate and fun. We keep saying we can always have a big party later for our anniversary or something.

But there is another part of me that wants our 90 guests to be there. Friends that are near and dear to my heart, and people that I love! But I just don't want to force a wedding ceremony and reception if it's not in the cards.

What would you do? What words of advice do you have?

Thank you!!


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  • Elmarose
    Expert July 2022
    Elmarose ·
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    Aww I’m sorry your going through this. But all Covid brides are with you ❤️ My advice would be if the cons weigh out the pros in moving the venue space to fit all 90 guests then just stick with the 25 guests count and have your wedding celebration sometime later on ☺️ If you really really want all 90 guests I know some venues are allowing changing the date without fees for a later time and you can still have an intimidate eloping ceremony at your venue with about i believe 10-15 guests... I’d ask your venue if this is an option. My fiancé and I decided to just change it to next year but if Covid-19 is still around and we choose to prioritize everyone’s safety them we would have an intimate wedding and postpone the venue space for a later date. Simply because we are spending around $35k-40k and it wouldn’t make sense to have less than 50% of our guests miss out on our celebration simply because of the space. So we would prefer to elope somewhere intimate and save that space for a later time when all our guests can join us.💕
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  • Lauren
    Savvy August 2020
    Lauren ·
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    We will certainly have some crazy stories to tell about our wedding year, right?! We were originally 5/30/20 and now are 8/8/20, so close to yours! We have decided that we are getting married that day instead of moving it yet again and while unfortunately some of our friends and family are unable to make it due to travel/COVID in general, we do still have about 130 at this point that are planning on coming (outside, distanced). We thought about having just the ceremony and a cocktail hour, then a larger party for an anniversary or something later like you mentioned too! It’s so tough to navigate what to do and I change my mind daily it seems. At this point, we are leaning toward going through with the whole thing including reception and trying to livestream it for those that can’t be there if possible. Since no one really knows when/if this all will be over, we just want to be able to celebrate now and can always have another anniversary party or just several small/less pricy (ha!) gatherings later with those that couldn’t make it. I say do what you really want to do that day! If it’s the space you care about or the # of people...we are all just making this our own unique wedding story!
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  • Leanne
    Super September 2020
    Leanne ·
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    I would have the small guest list at your original awesome venue, and live stream to the other guests.
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  • C
    Dedicated October 2021
    C ·
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    I would have the smaller wedding and livestream for the rest of the guests like PP said. One thing to consider is whether your guests will be able to cancel their plans (hotels, flights, etc.) on short notice.
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  • Jlyah
    Just Said Yes January 2021
    Jlyah ·
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    Thank you for this reply, it has really helped me!
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