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Changing last name later in Massachusetts??

Chris, on September 1, 2020 at 8:21 AM Posted in Massachusetts Planning 0 1
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Does anyone know the process for changing your last name in Massachusetts? We are getting married in October 2020- coming up soon! Can you change your last name later ? Will the process be difficult later on or better to do it when we apply for the license?

I want to wait until Spring 2021 to officially change my last name to give me some more time to think about all the places I need to make the changes. But also because I initially booked a trip this past year but due to COVID it was cancelled, so I have travel funds under my current last name. I would prefer to wait after the trip to avoid any confusion, gaps and such while waiting for all my official documents to come in especially due to COVID. I'm afraid paper work might be delayed. Anything else I'm missing with last name changes, would be glad to hear your process, or if I am missing anything. As I google away information lol


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    Hi Chris! You should be fine!! I didn't start my name change process until 3-4 months after my wedding and had no problems.

    Here's a helpful guide with details on how to change your name in Mass: Here's How to Get Your Name Changed in Massachusetts.

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