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Bridal Shower Theme

Miranda Landry, on November 18, 2021 at 4:10 PM Posted in Parties and Events 0 6
Does your bridal shower theme normally correlate with your wedding theme? My wedding has a romantic pastel garden theme, but I’d really love my mom to plan an Italian/Mediterranean theme bridal shower since we will be going to Italy for our honeymoon (and I LOVE Italian food). I’ve also seen a couple of people say they’ve had 2 bridal showers. Is there any reason to have 2 bridal showers?


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  • Hannah
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    The themes don't have to be the same. You don't even need a theme for either of them. The theme is up to whoever is hosting. Some people might have multiple showers because multiple people want to host ones. Sometimes a bride may have two because her friends throw her one in the place she currently lives and her mom throws one in the state she's from or coworkers may host a work shower that is separate from the regular shower, etc.
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    Thank you! Smiley smile
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    KYLIE ·
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    Your bridal shower theme definitely doesn’t need to coordinate with your wedding!
    In my circles, the only times people have multiple showers are if the bride and groom families live far away and choose to host separate showers so no one has to travel far. I’ve heard of work and church families throwing separate showers from the main shower, but this isn’t super common where I live.
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  • Ashlee
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    I'll be having two bridal showers, one in my home state with my friends and family there and one here where I currently live with my FH's family and my friends here.

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  • Michelle
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    I’ve never seen them have matching themes
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  • Cool
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    The only reason to have 2 showers is to ask extra people for gifts. Very bad etiquette.
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