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Savvy June 2021

Boudoir Photo Shoot?

Angela, on April 18, 2021 at 10:43 AM Posted in Parties and Events 0 4
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Not exactly wedding attire but the closest option? My photographer offers a free boudoir photo shoot with any wedding package. I want to make the most of it, I mean it's FREE right? But I have no idea what to wear, where to go, or what the heck to do. I know I'm gorgeous and I have confidence but I don't photograph well and I'm awkward lol. I was also raised in a very conservative household where sexy was basically a bad word and not something I ever aspired to be. I live in Southern CA in an apartment and kind of want to do an outdoor shoot but I don't have a backyard. I'm terrified of flashing someone or getting a ticket for public indecency or something crazy. I purchased some lingerie online (I still feel awkward buying underwear if my cashier is a guy. I can't imagine buying lingerie in a store!!! *cringe). I'd love some reassurance and/or suggestions. Send help!


Latest activity by Andrew, on April 19, 2021 at 1:00 AM
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    Cassidy ·
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    I feel the same as you. I’m awkward and never feel very sexy. If I do I feel weird about it. That said, I did a boudoir shoot. I wore one of my husbands dress shirts and tie over matching bra and panties. I did a white bra and thong with a garter and my veil. And then being silly cause hubby loves Harry Potter I wore his Gryffindor robe and had his wand, lol. Those did not turn out well, but just because the robe was super bulky and the wand made it weird.
    Don’t worry about being awkward or knowing what to do. You photographer will know what to do and is a professional and they will treat you as if you’re fully clothed. This is normal for them. Also it will be awkward some of the poses they will put you in will feel weird or be hard to hold. Dont worry the pictures will look great and not awkward.
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  • Lauren
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    Honestly I loved every minute of it. Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, and adore me is where I shopped. My favorite outfit was actually a basic Calvin Klein cotton set (Amazon) that I wore with his dress shirt. I got my hair and makeup done and it will be a wedding gift for my FH. Relax and have fun. Their job is to make you feel like a goddess and I’m sure they will.
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    My photographer (also So Cal based) provides her boudoir clients with a huge digital packet of places to purchase lingerie, tips for prepping your body (exfoliating, etc), and other suggestions prior to the shoot. Does your photographer provide that? Nordstrom’s, Honey Birdette, Victoria’s Secret are all good places for lingerie. Also, if you’re wanting outdoors, I’d ask your photographer if she knows of any secluded locations in the mountains (I know my photographer has a secret spot where she did outdoor shoots last year). Finally, your photographer should be able to direct you and help you feel comfortable and confident in the poses she asks you to do. If you’re on Instagram, I can DM you the name of my photographer’s boudoir group so you can see some poses and lingerie ideas.
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  • Andrew
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    Andrew ·
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    You can try a sample shoot with your husband first so you'd feel a bit more "experienced" when you get to the shoot. Great photographers are able to calm and ease their subjects and make 'em feel confident. With that said, you can research on YouTube or Google what poses would flatter you. If you're still not comfy, maybe it's not for you. Just because it's free, it doesn't mean you have to avail for it. These sessions aren't for everyone. And if your family is conservative, consider how they'll react about it too. We don't want some awkwardness on the wedding date.

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