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Bachelorette weekend cost?

Cassie , on December 2, 2019 at 1:01 PM Posted in Parties and Events 0 4
How much did each of your girls pay for a bachelorette weekend? We are doing a concert, Big Airbnb house with a pool, and pole dancing class for like $275. Just wondering what others had for a cost for a whole weekend thing.


Latest activity by Meghan, on December 2, 2019 at 9:08 PM
  • Elizabeth
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    Elizabeth ·
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    My matron of honor and mom are paying for a lot out of pocket. We are doing an Airbnb in my hometown (several people will travel in but majority live here). For the girls staying at the Airbnb it will be $80/person for the weekend. During the day Saturday we are doing an paint and wine type thing. So each person can decide how much they want to spend on their personal craft (or opt out completely). For Saturday evening they’ll pay for the own dinner then for 2 bars (bottle service at one and private karaoke room at the other) is $20/person. It seems pretty reasonable for to me. Like I said, my matron of honor is providing dinner one night and brunch one morning. And my mom is providing brunch one morning and getting us a bus for transportation Saturday night. They’re help is making it much cheaper for the group. Hope this is helpful.
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  • Jocelyn
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    My bachelorette weekend was a trip to Epcot food and wine festival, It was 4 people(me included)

    Hotel: $60 each

    Gas+sunpassSmiley shame30 each

    TicketSmiley shame144(bought a head of time, I bought my own ticket)

    Spending money for the dinner the night before and Epcot was suggest at around $60-$80

    I paid for my own food at epcpt, and my own meal at the dinner we had at Disney Springs the day before we hit the park. My fiancé gave me money for spending since I was paying for my own food at Epcot.

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  • Melle
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    I only had a day of activities but I can estimate they each spent $100
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  • Meghan
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    Meghan ·
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    We did a weekend in Savannah, GA for my bachelorette party. There was 8 of us and we rented an Airbnb. I believe everyone paid around $140/pp for the house. As far as activities, splitting Uber’s, food/drinks, I’d say everyone spent around $200. So under $350/pp for 3 days total.
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