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Just Said Yes April 2023

Bachelorette event Planning

Haylie, on August 5, 2022 at 6:42 PM Posted in Parties and Events 0 6
I want to do something simple but fun and creative for my bachelorette event but I need ideas! My friend is doing a build-your-own plant terrarium class and the only thing that I found that sparks my interest is a pottery making class. I’m not a drinker so maybe something laid back would be better. Any suggestions much appreciated!


Latest activity by Haylie, on August 5, 2022 at 11:12 PM
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    Rosebud ·
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    Pottery making would be fun! You could also do a group dance class, a food tasting crawl, a fun restaurant that you ve been wanting to try, bowling, mini golf, a good ole fashion sleepover with face masks,movies and games, a state park, food truck fest, a baseball game or other sporting event, a spa day, game night, a beach day, museum, some kind of local tour, apple picking, a concert or show of some kind, a group cooking or baking class. What are some things you and your friends enjoy or want to learn/get into?

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  • Julija
    Devoted October 2023
    Julija ·
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    We are doing the bachelorette party immediately following the bridal shower. We’re starting with a painting class with food catered in, then going to dinner with the younger crowd (my mother would be taking any gifts back home), following that we are renting a hotel room with connecting rooms and doing a spa treatment (massages, nails, facials, sauna, etc) and just pampering ourselves as we enjoy each other’s company.

    We are also doing a wedding party wars where it’s a game day competition between the bridal party and grooms party just to have everyone get to know each other as they will be working with each other to help things run smoothly the day of the wedding.
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  • Michelle
    Rockstar December 2022
    Michelle ·
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    A pottery class sounds fun. Browse Google to see what is in your area. Even if you are not a drinker, going out to eat could be a fun time. It’s refreshing and super affordable to have a fun activity that doesn’t require an extra plane ticket, lodging and PTO on a separate weekend from the wedding which not everyone is able to make work.
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  • Gillian
    Dedicated October 2022
    Gillian ·
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    Pottery sounds amazing! We’re doing a pasta making class because we’re also not big drinkers.
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  • Marshaya
    Dedicated April 2023
    Marshaya ·
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    Pottery Class sounds Fun.
    I plan to do a sip and paint ssshhhhh🤦‍♀️🤪(Male will be naked) gathering,then head out on the Las Vegas strip for clowning around....
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  • Haylie
    Just Said Yes April 2023
    Haylie ·
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    Oh…. Def not my speed but okay ygg
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