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Devoted October 2020

Any good pregnancy apps?

Futuremrsn, on March 14, 2021 at 11:02 AM Posted in Married Life 0 12
Hi everyone! We were happily married in October 2020 and now we find ourselves pregnant! Does anyone recommend a great pregnancy app? TIA!


Latest activity by Michael, on September 7, 2022 at 3:28 PM
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    Champion July 2019
    Veronica Online ·
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    Is there something specific you want from the app? I'm currently pregnant and I use What to Expect. Each week it tells you approximately how long the baby should be, how much he/she should weigh, how many weeks you currently are, and how many weeks you have to go. You can set it to compare the size of the baby to a fruit/veggie, movie & tv props, or '80s & '90s nostalgia. For example, I'm currently 33 weeks so it says my daughter is about the size of a butternut squash. It also gives daily tips, weekly videos, and common symptoms. There are also different tools including a registry builder where it will recommend products based on gender, you can link your registry to the app, and recipes. It also has a community option where you can join different forums to discuss pregnancy. I joined Facebook groups before I realized it had the community option so I've never actually used the community option.

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  • Jen
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    Jen ·
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    Congratulations! 😁 my husband and I were also married in October and found out last last month we are pregnant. I have been using Ovia Pregnancy. I had used their previous app “Ovia” to help conceive.
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    June 2021
    Dj Tanner ·
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    I downloaded “the bump”. I’m not pregnant yet but plan to right after the wedding and I haven’t really checked out their form section yet only glanced over it, but it seems like it’s got a good chunk of information as well as a community forum like this one.
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  • Michelle
    Master April 2021
    Michelle ·
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    Congrats on your little bundle!
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  • AJ
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    AJ ·
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    Cassidy ·
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    I’ve been using Peanut. It’s like wedding wire as it has different groups where you can connect with and chat with women on the same journey as you. It doesn’t track pregnancy or give updates or anything.
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  • Lazell
    Savvy September 2022
    Lazell ·
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    I liked Ovia Pregnancy, What to Expect, and The Bump
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  • Rebelle Fleur
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    Rebelle Fleur ·
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    Congratulations!!! I used What to expect and The Wonder Weeks was amazing for after the baby was born. It really helps you understand what your baby is experiencing at every stage.

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  • Emily
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    Emily ·
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    Congrats!! I really like the BabyCenter app. You get weekly updates about your baby's size and development, as well as changes to your body, and recommended weekly articles. You can also look up almost anything you're curious about. There are tons of other features too but I haven't used those

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  • Rebecca
    Super January 2020
    Rebecca ·
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    Congratulations!!! Like others mentioned, I use Ovia! I'm not currently pregnant, but my husband and I will be trying soon and I've been using the app for a few months now to track my cycles and ovulation. I think it's very accurate and the forums can be quite helpful! The forums are anonymous, which I personally prefer. Smiley smile Ovia has several apps, one for when you're TTC, one for when you're pregnant, and one for parenting Smiley smile

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  • Ashley
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    Ashley ·
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    Ovia app literally guessed TO THE DAY my due date which the 1st prenatal appt double confirmed after so this app is everything!
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  • Michael
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    Michael ·
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    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Try to stay extra healthy and avoid shots and inflammation during this time. Try and learn the best info for protecting the child during this time. My sister went and studied on causes of birth defects but still missed things that can cause problems. If you get shots, try to find the ones without Thimerosal.

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