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Super April 2020

4.18.2020 Bam!

Anna, on June 3, 2020 at 4:04 AM Posted in Married Life 0 17
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Pic Heavy*** We got our wedding pictures back! I am so in love with our pictures. It was such a beautiful day. Just seemed so perfect. Even though we had a total of 10 guest, I was just so happy. All that mattered was that I was getting married. I still can't believe I'm married to my best friend. Because of covid, everything we planned had to end. But we didn't want that to ruin our special day. Plus, I witness the love both our parents had for us. How they made sure our day was special.
So upcoming brides, don't stress. As long as you can have all your family there and an actual reception, I wouldn't let anything get to me. So enjoy your day.

4.18.2020 Bam! 14.18.2020 Bam! 2
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  • Fenja
    Rockstar December 2020
    Fenja ·
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    These are beautiful! You look gorgeous! Congratulations!!

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  • Jai Butcher
    Rockstar May 2020
    Jai Butcher ·
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    Gorgeous! Love them!
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  • Elizabeth
    Rockstar June 2021
    Elizabeth ·
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    This is beautiful! I'm so glad your day worked out for you!

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  • J
    Expert May 2021
    Jaime ·
    • Flag

    Wow, your photos are beautiful! Love your dress and your hairpiece! I'm so happy you got to have a special day!

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  • Cyndy
    Rockstar May 2019
    Cyndy ·
    • Flag
    Congratulations! Your pictures are beautiful!
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  • Margaret
    VIP October 2020
    Margaret ·
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    Congratulations! The pictures are absolutely beautiful! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love always.

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  • Melle
    Rockstar June 2019
    Melle Online ·
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    These pictures are so beautiful. congratulations

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  • Kayla
    Devoted May 2020
    Kayla ·
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    Love this! You look beautiful! We did pretty much the same with our parents, siblings, & kids May 23rd and I am just dying to get our pictures back!!! I will say it was really nice switching to such an intimate setting and not having to stress over entertaining a ton of guests!

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  • Meghan
    Rockstar October 2019
    Meghan ·
    • Flag

    Beautiful photos. I am so glad you were able to get married on your originally planned wedding date. Congratulations!

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  • V
    Dedicated May 2021
    Vall ·
    • Flag

    Absolutely beautiful. So happy you were able to get married.

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  • Rebecca
    Rockstar August 2019
    Rebecca ·
    • Flag

    Congrats! Those are beautiful pictures!

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  • Nefetera
    Rockstar March 2015
    Nefetera ·
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    Very beautiful
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  • Pirate & 60s Bride
    Champion March 2017
    Pirate & 60s Bride ·
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    Stunning photos and couple! 💕
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  • Lynnie
    WeddingWire Administrator October 2016
    Lynnie Online ·
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    These pictures are incredible!!! 😍 You look so beautiful and happy, congrats again on your marriage!!

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  • Aimee
    Super July 2021
    Aimee ·
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    Beautiful pics! Glad you were still able to enjoy.
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  • Brittany
    Expert October 2020
    Brittany ·
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    Congratulations!!! These pictures are to die for!! You both look so beautiful!! Your gown, those flowers, that hairpiece!! Goodness so beautiful all around!!

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  • Anna
    Super April 2020
    Anna ·
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    Aw , you're so sweet. Thank you so much for the compliment. I still can't believe its over. It was everything i wished for and more. But thank you so much Smiley smile

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