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My friend's engagement ring is beautiful! We're newly college graduates so the prices were very budget friendly and they stand for a great cause!

Profile Picture User6523548, [Private], 4 Reviews
Category: Jewelry

I absolutely love Mia Donna! They are appointment online but most people do it all online. I had a friend who used them while in London and even had her engagement ring specially designed and it turned out perfect.

We made an appointment and went to their shop and had such a wonderful, relaxed experience with no pressure. Linley was a joy and their rings are gorgeous.

Everything is guaranteed conflict-free and most other places can't really say that since the Kimberly certificate is actually a loose process but Mia Donna's diamonds and gems are lab made with the same make up of mined diamonds so you know no slave labor could've possibly been part of your jewelry.

I highly recommend them and we love my engagement ring and wedding bands!

Profile Picture Kara, 9/2/16, 15 Reviews
Category: Jewelry

DO NOT BUY. My now husband had purchased my engagement ring from Mia Donna just over a year ago. I loved my ring and was so excited that it was conflict free. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my ring looked a little foggy and tried to clean it off. I realized that it was completely scratched all around the centre of the stone and on the sides. I have always been very careful with my jewellery and as I work in an office and take my rings off to cook, clean and to do any yard work, I did not know how this had happened. I reassured myself that this was a manufacturers defect that the company that stated that it was nearly as strong as a diamond (85% diamond bonds and 9.1 out of 10 hardness) would surely replace my still very new and babied ring. The customer service started out alright. My husband sent in a request explaining the issue and offering to send the pictures we had taken of the scratches. They eventually ended up asking him to send the ring in and saying that he would possibly have to pay for a new stone. This was when I got a little confused and asked them if they knew the likelihood of having to pay for a new stone as it is no so much the cost that would bother me but that fact that if this is a non warranty issue, clearly it can happen again in another year. I was eventually told that I would almost assuredly have to pay for a replacement stone and replacement shipping there and back. When explaining to them that I work in an office and that I take my rings off for anything even close to dangerous for them. My three other much cheaper mined diamond rings that go back years (one is over 60 years old, one is 45 years old and the other is 18 years old) and they are all completely fine and have been not only worn daily by me but also by relatives before. I was told I must be rough on my jewellery and that it is to be looked at and enjoyed. I will never buy from Miadonna again. I am so sad and out a lot of money. Don't make the same mistake

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