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I wish when I had contemplated hiring Misse that I would have considered the bad reviews as a possibility as opposed to two disgruntled customers. Boy was I wrong! Those people nailed exactly how Misse treats her clients and her overall blasé attitude toward a wedding. This blasé attitude led to the bride (myself) taking an uber to the church as opposed to Misse figuring it out, which is why she was hired. But let me start at the beginning-Misse was hired about 3.5 weeks before our wedding as my mom really wanted someone there to make decisions, etc on the day of so we could just enjoy. Upon meeting her, I told her how almost everything was complete and since we knew all of our vendors besides the limo company that it was the main area we were concerned with not going wrong. She assured me she would take care of transportation and that the week up to my wedding would be relaxing and peaceful as she was "in charge" then. If I could only go back and not have hired her based on her cheaper rate of $2,000 compared to the other day-of planners that I had looked into. When it came to the day of, she showed up around 12:30 and at that point already knew there was a transportation issue since she told the person handling the flowers. Instead of working on this, she let one limo sit there for 15 minutes not leaving the hotel so that there was no way it would return in time to pick me up and take me back to the church. As I was waiting for the limo to return we tried numerous times to get a hold of her. She finally called me back around 2:30pm and told me to wait for the limo (our ceremony was at 3). At 2:40pm my photographer suggested we get an uber and we got there right at 3pm. The limo didn't get back to "pick me up" until 3pm. If we would have waited we would have been at least 30 minutes late for my ceremony. When I got back from my honeymoon and emailed her about this, she never apologized or took any accountability.

Profile Picture EMily, 7/16/16, 5 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Religious, Day-Of Coord., Timelines

We worked with Misse for our wedding (partial planning). She was great! I would definitely recommend her to anyone I know getting married. She kept me on track through out the planning process, even with things not on our contract. The only reason I gave her 4/5 for responsiveness is she prefers not to text, with my schedule it would have been much easier if we could text. But, overall, this would not change whether or not I would work with her. She is a wonderful person!

Profile Picture User4514723, 2+ years ago, 5 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

My (now) husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Misse a little over a year before our wedding day. We had already selected our church and venue at that point but both decided we were in over our heads when it came to planning everything else. Misse and Honey Bee Weddings were recommended by a fellow bride, and when my husband and I met Misse, we instantly knew she was the right woman for the job. We moved forward with a partial planning and day of package.

Misse is incredibly organized, knowledgable and resourceful. Working with Misse was a very accommodating process as my husband and I had a specific budget for what we wanted to spend with a planner, and Misse helped us tailor a package that met our needs. I am a project manager by profession and consider myself a good planner, but Misse brought it to another level that my husband and I were so grateful for and led to the most perfect day of our lives.

When working with Misse, you'll find her proactive and very responsive. I also need to mention her fabulous sense of style which made planning the decor and our paper suite especially enjoyable! For the day of the wedding, and among a countless number of tasks, Misse created several timelines targeted towards our bridal party and vendors to keep everyone organized and on track - nothing was ahead or behind schedule more than 10 minutes that day! Our wedding would not have been so well coordinated if not for her. My husband and I would stop several times the months leading up to the big day and during our wedding day itself to say, "What would we have done without Misse?"

We absolutely loved working with Misse and her team, and Honey Bee Weddings is HIGHLY recommended for any wedding planning needs. Thank you Misse for everything you did to make our wedding day and the planning process so perfect and memorable!

Profile Picture User5172010, 2+ years ago, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

Misse and her assistant were helpful in helping keep us organized and provided tips for our planning until the month of. However, her helpfulness was overshadowed by an unpleasant conference call with our reception hall director in which Misse sounded very demanding. Although she was on my side and trying to fight for an efficient and beautiful dinner service, it put me in an uncomfortable position and created negative feelings between her and the director. She arranged the transportation for the day of without really explaining if I had any other options, but we had several problems with they way she scheduled them - she did not inform us appropriately of our time frames and so our pictures after the service were rushed. Then at the end of the night, the car was not available, and when we called they said they were waiting for us and they left when we didn't show. Turns out they waited for us in a back alley, where we found them when Misse's assistant demanded they return to pick us up. Misse had gone home for the night at that point. The most upsetting part of the experience was that Misse was rude to one of my groomsmen and even my own mom on the day of. She did her job, and it was done well for the most part, but I was disappointed with her choice of transportation and her professionalism.

Profile Picture Cassandra, 6/6/15, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

We hired Misse for “Month of Coordination” services. Not only did Misse not perform the duties in the contract, but she was a complete nightmare to deal with. Some of our main issues were:

•LOST/STOLEN MONEY/CARDS: Several (we still don’t know how many) cards containing monetary gifts went missing. Misse was responsible for collecting the cards and delivering them to us. We only found out after several guests contacted us after receiving our thank you cards (which did not thank them for their gifts). When we told Misse what we discovered, she didn’t act concerned at all, tried to say it wasn’t her fault and has offered no follow-up.
•LEFT THE WEDDING EARLY: Misse left the wedding around 10:30pm (even though she was contractually obligated to be there until the end and ensure breakdown was complete and return our belongings to our hotel room). On top of that, her assistant left during dinner and she NEVER told us. The venue owner told us after the fact and was appalled that Misse left early.
•LACK OF ACCURACY/TRANSPARENCY RELATING TO PAYMENTS: Misse told us on several occasions (in writing) that gratuity was included in our contract, which ended up not being true. She then tried to sneak an amount of almost $6k in our budget spreadsheet for it with no explanation. When I asked her where it came from and how she calculated it, she would not respond. We reached out to the caterer directly who confirmed Misse was wrong and gave us a range of amounts, the high end of which was just over $2k (less than half of what Misse wanted us to pay through her). Despite numerous direct requests to explain, Misse still refuses to do so.
•UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR: Misse’s behavior and general disposition was unprofessional, difficult to work with and rude (to us, the wedding party, some vendors and several of our wedding guests). Other vendors said they had worked with her in the past and she acted the same way.

Profile Picture User3729810, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

An amazing job!

I was recently married on March 24, 2012 and was very impressed with the level of services provided by Honey Bee Weddings. My husband is in the military and we were long distance throughout our entire engagement. Planning a wedding here in Chicago while he was in Virginia on a deployment for most of the planning months left me nervous and in need of guidance and support. I met with Misse about 10 months prior to our wedding and hired her for partial, day of coordination services.

I am an organized person but found myself working two jobs which brought me to 60 hours of work a week. Add on to the fact that I was preparing for an upcoming move across the country and you have one stressed out bride. Misse helped me to devise a sensible budget and provided lots of ideas an feedback. She was friendly, professional and thorough. I am shocked with a few responses who found Misse to be rude, I feel that Misse is a direct communicator and is anything but rude.

Misse offered suggestions for transportation and coordinated that perfectly. We had several vendors with whom Misse was not familiar with. She still maintained excellent communication with them, making sure everyone was on the same page.

I feel that if you are looking into hiring a day of coordinator you should highly consider Honey Bee Weddings. From the personal attention, vendor suggestions, assistance with program wording, contracts and theme planning to impeccable vendor communication and timeline development you will see that every dollar spent is well worth it.

Profile Picture Amy, 11/1/12, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

I loved my DOC, Misse!

Planning a wedding can be a daunting experience and as the months passed by I realized all of my ideas and creativity couldn't be executed by me on the day of our wedding! So, I researched several wedding coordinators and chose Misse for many reasons.

I loved her attention to details and her willingness to make it it the best day ever for the bride. She understood what it takes, as a DOC, to make the bride happy and make the day go smoothly. Her attentiveness reminded me a bit of myself and pushed me to hire her because of how detail oriented I am, I wanted to feel assured someone could execute the day to how I wanted it to look. I felt other DOC's limited themselves and there were stipulations where Misse was very open and when I expressed my concerns, she was so pleasant about everything and had no problems with any of my requests!

The way Misse runs her business is very smart, taking over one week before the actual day is brilliant, whereas others just execute the day of. It really lets the bride be a bride leading up to the best day ever.

I was worried, prior to the wedding, on the overwhelming amount of DIY I had and during our walk through two weeks prior, Misse made me feel so confident in her ability to execute! She made it seem so effortless and easy with all the crazy stuff and decor I had going on! I walked away so carefree and confident

During the rehearsal, she was such great support! As long as the church is willing! The rehearsal can be exciting and overwhelming but Misse remained in control and evenkeeled, what any bride needs! I was too busy meeting, greeting, listening to the church coordinator and Misse had all the details ready to go when needed!

On the wedding day, Misse was amazing! She had everything planned out and was my rock and total support throughout the day! As a bride, it's such a whirlwind and Misse kept everything running smoothly and on time! She checked up on everything, she made sure the hairstylist was at the hotel, the flowers came, when to get dressed, etc. things that slip your mind as a bride, Misse was there thinking for you! At the venue, she executed all the decor to perfection! When we got there during cocktail hour, she walked us through and I was incredibly happy with the results. She worked very well with all the vendors and kept me in the loop all night. She kept me on track with the timelines, checked up to make sure I was o.k., and made sure we were happy!

Overall, it was absolutely AMAZING!!!!! Our day turned out beautiful and perfect! Misse was a driving force behind it all to help us enjoy and revel in our wedded bliss! She was the best choice ever and we couldn't be happier with how our day turned out! She is wonderful, smart, kind, and professional! The perfect choice for any bride looking to have a perfect, relaxing, fun day!

Profile Picture thu, 9/10/11, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

I planned my wedding from out of town, and absolutely could not have done it without our day-of coordinator, Shelly Rothstein. She was wonderful!

I decided to hire a DOC about 6 months prior to the wedding, because I knew that there would be many last minute details that would be difficult for me to address from far away. I also knew that on my wedding day I did not want to worry about coordinating with my vendors during the day, be the person responsible for making sure that everything was running smoothly and on time, or be the person answering all of the logistical questions that might come up over the course of the day. Shelly handled all of these issues and more, allowing me to relax and enjoy the special day.

Shelly started communicating with us about our event 2 months in advance, and helped us create a very detailed timeline for the day of the wedding. She made sure that we approved everything, but made many helpful suggestions along the way. She assisted us in coordinating with all of our vendors leading up to the wedding, a service that I found invaluable! On the day of the wedding, Shelly made sure that everything ran smoothly, and that everyone knew where to be, and when.

Shelly was extremely organized, thoughtful, and thorough. I trusted her completely to get things accomplished. She was also very helpful in making sure that I was relaxed on the day of the wedding - she was very calm and composed, which I appreciated so much. All of our vendors complimented me on Shelly; they found her to be very professional, and very helpful to them both in the days leading up to the wedding and on the day itself.

I can't thank Shelly enough for all of her help. I recommend her without reservation to anyone looking for an excellent day-of wedding coordinator!

Profile Picture Laura, 9/10/11, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

Thank you to Honeybee Weddings, especially to Sam, for all the amazing work you did to help make our wedding a success. For a bit of background, my husband-to-be "recommended" it during our early stages of our planning, knowing it would reduce my stress and let me enjoy our special day. I can honestly say it was the best thing we could have ever have done for ourselves.

First of all, Missie and Sam adapt to each bride's style. In our case, we just wanted a Day of Coordinator but, due to the exemplary service, we felt our wedding was the only one happening and was a priority at all times. As an "A-Personality" bride, Sam let me feel "in-control" and organized all while reducing my stress by listening to our needs, our timeline and continuously summarizing our plan to make sure we knew she was going to make it all happen. Sam was available for questions throughout the planning process and always made us feel comfortable with her warm responses. What I enjoyed the most was Sam's kind yet direct personality, making sure we had every detail planned without overwhelming us or challenging our responses. She was willing to meet at the location and do a walk-through with the location coordinator to ensure we were all on the same page for the final execution and allowed me the moment of shared trust knowing she was as into the event as we were.

I (as the bride) cannot express my gratitude of Sam's coordination efforts the week of the wedding. Sam followed up with each vendor, confirming the timeline and their duties. Due to her hard work, I was able to focus on being a bride and welcoming all my out-of-town guests. Anyone who knew I was getting married kept commenting on how calm I was and my response was always, "it's because of Sam (and of course my husband who knows what is best for us)". Sam managed the Rehearsal, making sure each attendant knew his/her place and thought of things for us to practice that I would never have known about. It kept everyone calm and prepared for all scenarios (we had an outdoor wedding). The day of was very organized but, as all brides know, time flew and I got more and more stressed the closer the clock got to the ceremony time. Sam was the rock throughout the day, providing not only comfort but also gently reminding us of what we needed to be doing or where we needed to be. During the actual event, Sam again knew every detail that was planned and allowed me, my husband and our guests a stress-free environment where we could actually enjoy the event. A few things came up that were unexpected or unplanned and, knowing my personality and what was important to me, Sam would either confirm with me what needed to be done (without interrupting my moment or fun or causing stress) or knew to handle it on her own. The next day, at brunch, many of our guests commented on how Sam was everywhere at all times but yet invisible at the same time (handling every single need without being pushy or controlling the event). She was honestly a godsend.

From one bride to another, or even to someone just in the research stage, do yourself a kindness and work with Honeybee, even if just for a DOC. Of course, I "could have" done it all by myself. We were even on a budget and I wasn't sure early on if the cost would justify what I could do myself. However, I can honestly tell you that I would NOT have been able to ENJOY my day with my lovely husband, family and friends had I been tied to a timeline or managing every detail on my own, or leaving it up to a location coordinator or caterer - no offense, but they just don't have the same personal investment that a bride & groom do. Honeybee had that personal investment and treated our wedding like one of their own. And, at the end of the day, the pictures prove it all...it was the best day of my life - because I was stress-free and could enjoy the moment...all due to Sam and Honeybee Weddings. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Best, Alison (& Mitch) Branstetter

Profile Picture Alison, 9/4/11, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

My husband and I could not have asked for a better day-of wedding coordinator. Shelly from Honey Bee weddings was absolutely fantastic. Thanks to Shelly, our day was seamless, and contrary to the warnings I got from many friends and family before our big day, everything went perfectly!

If you are a bride-to-be I definitely recommend hiring a day-of coordinator – it takes all of the potential stress out of the day (especially if you have someone like Shelly at your side). Honey Bee Weddings was great to work with from the start, and I knew from the moment that I met Shelly that I was in good hands!

Shelly started by gathering details about our event about a month before the big day. Throughout the month leading up to our wedding, Shelly was in contact with us to coordinate timelines and other information. The week of the wedding she did all of the follow up with vendors and reviewed my final contracts. At the rehearsal dinner Shelly took over the show. The day of the wedding Shelly was there from start to finish making sure every detail was taken care of. Shelly let us enjoy our day and take in all of the memories. Shelly’s help was incredible and our wedding was amazing because of her help. Shelly, and Honey Bee weddings, was the most valuable vendor we hired for our wedding day – I highly recommend Honey Bee Weddings (Shelly in particular) for day-of wedding coordination.

Profile Picture Meganne, 8/6/11, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

Honeybee Weddings was a nightmare to work with. As another reviewer wrote- if your wedding has 50 people and hotel staff handles all the work, she is probably fine. Our wedding was huge and had a ton of moving parts, which is why we found Honeybee and paid nearly TWICE the usual rate. However, the experience was far from acceptable. We made a long list of all the things that she did wrong or didn't do at all. However, it was the fact that so many vendors called us (bride AND groom) to express that either Shelly hadn't been in touch with them or that she was rude to them. Even my family...my mom, two cousins, and little sister asked us why we chose her because she didn't know what she was doing and also was rude to them. If I had the time and energy, I would write a 5 page review of how bad this company was for us, but alas...I do not.

Shelly seems to approach day-of coordination as someone who holds a task list and then checks things off one at a time, IF nothing gets in the way. As most should know, weddings are never that simple. A coordinator needs to think on her/his feet and think about how to handle moving parts. Shelly wasn't able to do this and also seemed very frustrated with her own inability to handle things. Perhaps this is why I received so many complaints about her being rude and maybe that is why several vendors called us to say that they were confused about what was going on.

Shelly had difficulty coordinating simple things like lining up guests and forgot so many things that we had to make a list to capture them all. At no point did Honey Bee apologize to us or even acknowledge any mistakes. That was just as frustrating as the actual poor job they did. We can never get our wedding day back and so we will forever remember that some of our most important guests were insulted by her and that things fell apart because the coordinator was not competent.

That said, this company is awful and I would never recommend them to anyone. Considering that there are so many other people out there who do strong coordination and are polite to your family and friends, I regret going with them.

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Profile Picture Ravi, 7/2/11, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

We booked Misse as our Day-of-Coordinator for our wedding last fall and we couldn’t have been happier with the experience. From the very beginning of planning, I knew a DOC would be a necessity (simply because I knew I couldn’t do everything myself).

Misse responded promptly to my initial inquiry and was so helpful that I immediately requested a contract. My fiance and I met her in person shortly afterwards to go over a few things for the big day and I was uber-impressed. Some of the questions she asked I had never even thought of (they were good ones, too). From that point on she was available when I needed her and always willing to lend an extra hand in making sure I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed. Fast forward to the week of the wedding -- Misse took the ball and ran it in. Confirmations galore -- she developed relationships with each one of our vendors and handled EVERYthing. We had absolutely zero problems and I know for a fact it’s because she was there. I honestly can’t say enough good things about her (my husband even joked that we wanted her coordinate our lives post-wedding).

If you’re considering event planning I would highly recommend Misse and the Honey Bee staff. From my very initial conversation it was made very clear that their goal was to make sure my wedding day was not stressful and a day where I could just enjoy being a bride. Goal accomplished - expectations exceeded!! :)

Profile Picture Laura, 9/25/10, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

We used Misse at Honey Bee as our Day-of Coordinator (DOC) for our recent wedding, and I can say without a doubt that this was the most valuable service we invested in for our wedding. If you are on the fence about whether or not you want a DOC, get off now!

From my first meeting with Misse at a Starbucks in Wicker Park, I could tell she was sharp as a tack--this girl knows her business! She is thoroughly professional and her vast knowledge of all things wedding combined with her attention to detail were incredible assets, especially since I was planning from out of town.

Working with Honey Bee made my planning a stress-free experience, as Misse was always ready with a spreadsheet and timeline to keep me on track. She always responded to my emails immediately—I think I even heard from her once while she was vacationing in INDIA for goodness' sakes!

She took care of a myriad of day-of duties as advertised: timeline development, itineraries, distribution of out of town gift bags, etc. She was also always ready with a recommendation or advice when asked--her input helped me crystallize my thoughts on a few items. And, she completely took over ALL vendor communication and coordination starting the Monday before the wedding--a service that I felt made Honey Bee more comprehensive (and a bigger value) than other day-of coordinators.

At the venue walk-through, we were able to finalize the floorplan and florals, thanks to her expertise and direction (invaluable!). Just a few of the things she did on the wedding day: picked up our cakes and rentals, put in my veil, got the groomsmen into their boutonnieres, wrangled the (headstrong) bridal party, made sure we left for photos on time, oversaw the set up of the reception (making some on-the-spot decisions with the venue manager and florist to improve the flow), set two DIY decor tables (one a memorial candle display and another and advice jar). She bustled my dress, delivered our gifts and envelopes to our suite and literally appeared out of thin air within moments of someone spilling tomato soup on my dress and attended to the stain.

I could go on and on about the seemingly endless list of items Misse attended to during our wedding, but I think you get the very organized, efficient and top-notch picture of the coordination offered here, right?

I must say that I am a very organized person and a pretty skilled planner on my own. But I did not want the stress of handling little details or wrangling vendors on my wedding day, nor did I want my friends and family to be "on the job."

It was essential that my husband and I be able to focus on each other and the important moments of our wedding day. Hiring Honey Bee made this desire a reality--we attended our wedding and reception as guests. Knowing that everything was in Misse's capable hands, we were able to enjoy every second of it. And that is truly priceless.

Profile Picture Danielle, 2/27/10, 7 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

I do not have enough nice things to say about Misse from Honey Bee. She was a life saver. I do hair for a living and service with many brides for updos. I always hear horror stories of something going wrong. If I ever go on location, I witness a frazzled bride and I try to calm them down the best I can but really Im just there to do the hair. Anyways, when I was the one getting married I was nervous. So much to do so little time. My husband found Misse through online reviews. I cannot believe he thought of using her service before I did. Seriously, best decision ever. I had absolutely no worries. She took care of everything. I could not believe how easy the day went. I was able to email her with all my "crazy" questions. She would get back to me right away with helpful answers. I do not know if I would have had such a lovely time at our wedding if it was not for Misse. Really I cannot thank her enough. I had a blast that day and will remember it always.
Chicago, IL

Profile Picture User513631, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

"Day-of coordinator" is really a misnomer. Shelly, our DOC from Honey Bee Weddings, should really be called a "month-of coordinator" since that's what she really was. As someone who was really on the fence about even hiring a DOC, I can say now that Shelly was some of the best money we spent. Even with no major problems anticipated or experienced, it made a HUGE difference having Shelly there the day-of to run the show.

Throughout our time working together, Shelly always responded to my e-mails immediately. She offered tons of advice starting from the day we hired her. She always made me feel very reassured, and she was always calm and in control of everything. About a month before the wedding, Shelly started working with us to figure out our timeline, which was full of details I never would have thought of. She must have answered a hundred emails from me, always with good advice and always very happily.

The Sunday before our wedding, we had a conference call with her to go over everything. At the end of the call she said, "I am taking over from here - you don't need to worry about anything" and she did. She confirmed every last detail the week of the wedding and had the actual wedding day running like clockwork.

She was an amazing planner, and a true pleasure to work with!

Profile Picture User816445, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

I will admit I was a little obsessive about finding the right DOC. I was pretty relaxed during most vendor selections...if I liked them and they were in budget, I checked it off the list and moved on. However, with a coordinator I knew I had to get along with the person, and more importantly, I had to trust them 100% to take over all of the details the week of the wedding. During our first meeting I knew without a doubt that Misse was that person. In addition to her Day Of (which is really week of) services, we hired Misse to help us find several vendors. The vendors she chose in each category were great - she truly understood what we were looking for and always stayed within our budget. Throughout the process she was excellent about showing us our options without ever pushing us toward one or the other. She also came up with some great ideas I would have never thought of...like a gobo for the dance floor. The Friday before the week of the wedding I heard the best words ever..."are you ready for the hand-off?" Yes I was! I felt zero anxiety letting Misse take over the week of the wedding and it was fabulous being able to concentrate on all of the last minute DIY tasks I got myself into. To me, the wedding weekend truly seemed seamless. I know there were little snafus here and there (like me forgetting the cupcake stand I'd created at home and not realizing until hours before it was needed). But, Misse handled them all effortlessly and kept my DH and I in a state of blissful ignorance. I can't imagine going through wedding planning or the wedding itself without her. This is, without a doubt, the very best money we spent for the wedding.

Profile Picture Kristi, 10/3/09, 10 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

misse was our DOC (day of coordinator) for our wedding. i thought that it was a great idea to have a person on the day-of to worry about vendor relationships, ceremony/reception set up and tear down, etc so that I would be stress free on my Big Day. i had everything planned - i just needed things to be executed on the day of my wedding.

there were things that were good and things that weren't so good, in my opinion.

here's my review of the pros and cons of honeybee weddings (misse):

-you handled the vendor relationships the day of the wedding and all the phone calls, confirmations the day-of - great.
-you set up most of the things that we had wanted set up for the day (see also comment in the "cons" section...)
-you were helpful at the rehearsal dinner to get everyone on the ball with the actual rehearsal
-you tried to be on time with everything (see also "cons" section on this)
-you packed up everything (gifts, cards, guestbook, etc...) at the end of the evening for us
-you had everyone lined up for the intros despite my group being quite rowdy (see also "cons" section)

-you were too focused on the schedule of events and being exactly on time with everything that you started to stress everyone, including the people who needed to be the least stressed out on the day of the wedding (ME!). i understand that we are on a tight schedule. however, things happen - which alot of things did happen during my wedding that were out of anyone's control - that threw the schedule off and made us all a bit late. for example, my hair - it wasn't how i wanted and you were rushing me to get it done fast and get dressed fast. i had my photographer calm me down to tell me we had more than enough time. this rushing-of-things was very unnecessary on your part. another instance, my hair got messed up before intros and you were rushing me yet again. this was again unnecessary on your part.

-there were things that needed to get set up that did not get set up that i had paid to be put out for the wedding. this was disappointing. for instance, all my candles were never set up (150 of them that we had discussed prior to the wedding). my chair sashes were never set up (except for the head table), the PA system was not set up and my husband told me that you were anything but helpful when it came down to this. seriously, during the time you were sitting in my hotel suite while all my bm's got ready, you could've gone to the armour house to help manage some of these things so that they would get set up. this was very disappointing to find out at the end of the night.

-the way you talk to people - my bridal party, my parents, brian's parents, my vendors, my guests, and especially to brian and me - was completely abrasive, disrespecful, and condescending. i had comments all day and all night about this from everyone. i still am getting comments about this to this day about how disrespectful you were. this is completely uncalled for. especially to the parents who, i believe, deserve to be put on pedestals the day of my wedding, were talked down upon by you. my husband's step mother even hung up the phone on you because of the tone of voice you had used to speak to her. completely and utterly unnecessary on your part. i think this was the one thing that upset me most on my wedding day - to hire someone who was supposed to make things run smoothly and effortlessly, instead, be the cause of alot of stress for that day.

so my overall review of honeybee weddings --- sorry but find another wedding coordinator.

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Profile Picture Thuy-Dung, 9/5/09, 6 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

Misse was fantastic! Our wedding was small and we really only needed help with the "day of". Misse went above and beyond for us. Even well before our big day, she helped me with vendor recommendations and keeping me on time with the planning process. The week of the wedding, she took over vendor communications which helped immensely. It definitely helped take the edge off the nerves. The day of the wedding, she again, helped me think straight in the morning as I prepared for the day! She took over the final payments to the vendors and kept us to our time line. I didn't worry about a thing the day of the wedding. We had such a good time at the wedding and we know a large part of that has to do with Misse's hard work. She was worth every penny!

Profile Picture Martha, 8/8/09, 5 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

Misse was a life saver, in so many ways.

1. I had very challenging family dynamics, 2 sets of divorced parents, some high maintenance family members, etc.

2. Our bridal party is all VERY outgoing, loud and at times obnoxious, love them to death but it's the truth. They were hard to keep in line at times.

3. Like I said before I had minimal communication with my contact at The James.

She kept things 100% calm, on time and stress free, she was in the suite ordering up champagne glasses, cleaning the suite for when the photog got there, doing just about everything you would need. It helps that she is so fun to be around it is almost like she blends in to the party itself.

She is INSANELY organized, her timeline was flawless and put me so much at ease. She even helped me get out of my dress to pee. She put certain family members "in place" who really needed to be, if you know what I mean and for that I am truly grateful. She put the left over candles from our cocktail hour all over our suite and had a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge with a little note. NO DETAIL ESCAPES HER!!

Everything was executed EXACTLY how I envisioned it and there were so many issues I found out about after the day that I had NO CLUE of on the day off. Seriously she was probably the best wedding investment we made. Over all I got to sit back and relax and have fun knowing that she was in control and would make sure everything went off great!

Profile Picture Amy, 1/24/09, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

We used Misse as our day of coordinator and it was a great decision. We had an early ceremony with a five hour break before the reception. Misse made sure that our early morning getting ready process went smoothly and that we arrived at the church on time. She helped my family set up a hospitality room in the afternoon to host guests. She also made sure the reception ran smoothly. It was a perfect day and Misse's help was tremendous.

Profile Picture Jessica, 8/9/08, 5 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

We used Misse from Honey Bee Weddings as our Day of Coordinator (DOC). Prior to the wedding, Misse was very helpful with vendor recommendations and, as an out of town bride, I appreciated her responsiveness via email. On the day of, she coordinated our wedding party (and us!), confirmed our vendors, executed our ceremony and reception set-up, and kept us on track with our timeline. Misse was one of the last people out of the building that night! As a bride with a very particular vision, it was imperative that I trusted Misse's taste and ability to make decisions for me that day so I could just enjoy myself!

Profile Picture Jacey, 6/21/08, 8 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

I would refer Misse from Honey Bee Weddings to anyone!
I was unsure about hiring a DOC in the beginning. I am a very
organized person and didn't think that I would need someone to help
out. The hotel where the reception was also had a coordinator that
was quite helpful.
I just wanted piece of mind that I wasn't going to miss anything. Even if you
are on top of things, there is probably always something you might
not think of. I also knew I would be able to relax more having a DOC. And that's
exactly what I did. I am a very laid back/relaxed person to start--I
didn't want my wedding day to be any different. Misse took care of
I hired her in July for our September wedding. She was helpful from
the moment I spoke with her. She made sure I was on top of all my
tasks. She sent me checklists to make sure I wasn't forgetting
She contacted all the vendors to set up deliveries, timing, etc. She also
had great suggestions for any vendors that I was still looking for.
There was an issue with the limo service---I had it set up in advance to
pay the balance with the credit card they had on file. But, when they arrived,
they demanded cash--which was over $800! We didn't have that on us!
Misse stepped in and took care of the situation in a snap.
The day of the wedding, she took care of everything! It was like I
had no worries. From paying/tipping vendors to setting up my
centerpieces, she does it all.
Could I have done it without her, sure. Could I have enjoyed my day
as much?? Not a chance!

Profile Picture wendy, 9/22/07, 5 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

It took me a long time but I am finally writing a review. Let me start by saying.


Misse did a marvelous job with helping us keep the wedding planning in order. And I have to give her 500 stars just for dealing with a crazy vendor! Boy I am not sure how that would have gone without her stepping in to help me save the day.

We met Misse in Humboldt Perk for coffee. My husband and I had a great time talking to her and liked her a lot. As soon as she left we looked and each other and said YEP she is the one. We had interviewed other people and they did not seem as organized or enthusiastic about our wedding as she did.

She was very on top of all of us for hair. Where some people said they felt rushed I felt like that is why I paid for. Someone to RUSH me along and make sure everything was on schedule. Because on that day I had a whole nother set of things on my mind besides a timeline. At the end of the day people were saying thank god she rushed us because we would have been late.

I would and have recommended her to anyone and everyone who is getting married that needs that extra help as things get closer. Because while I am a control freak as the day gets closer you start to wonder what is it that I am forgetting and she will be there to let you know.

Thanks so much for helping us plan a wonderful wedding!
Angie and Edgar

Profile Picture Angela, 8/15/78, 7 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning