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We got married at Chevy Chase on August 23rd, 2014. To start with, we fell in love with the ceremony and reception space! Beautiful patio! Beautiful tudor style interior and exterior! Our photos look wonderful!

It also rained on our wedding day during the morning, and we had our hearts set on a outdoor wedding. It stopped a raining one hour prior to the ceremony and the staff quickly wiped down the whole patio, you wouldn't have know it had just been pouring outside!

The staff was also super accommodating with all of our special requests and arraignments. They also let us stay within their pre-set menu pricing but change things up a bit. We had sorbe instead of a soup dish and we thought that was so much fun! The guests were also raving about the dessert selection and quality of the food - we had the standard dessert package and a dual Chicken dish.

The only major con I can think of is that you're forced to have a late ceremony as Chevy is a golf course and they don't want ceremonies happening while people are golfing. Out ceremony started at 6:30pm, which meant that guests didn't get dinner till around 8:00pm. However, no one complained about that at all!

Profile Picture Stephanie, 8/23/14, 6 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Daughter's wedding reception held at Chevy Chase. The staff is beyond compare and could not have
been more helpful, gracious, accomodating. BEAUTIFUL retro ballroom in a Tudor setting, with a free-standing old-fashioned free-standing country club style bar, beautiful location with outdoor access to patio, waterfall and golf course for photos and cocktails. Excellent food, award winning chef.

Profile Picture User3657997, 2+ years ago, 2 Reviews
Category: Catering, Ceremony & Reception Venue, Flowers, Lighting & Decor, Unique Services (Other), Wedding Planning

They were super accommodating and the facility was BEAUTIFUL. The only major complaint was that dinner was late which pushed everything back.

Profile Picture Breehan, 7/14/12, 2 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

I had a engagement party here in 2016. My engagement party was a luncheon and we worked off the Chevy Chase luncheon menu. I worked with Jan who I believe is in charge of the sales team. To say that they were accommodating was an understatement. I wanted more hot items in my buffet, Jan and the chef were so flexible and I was able to have all of the menu items that I requested, including making certain dishes spicier. My guests loved the food, it was delicious- I highly recommend adding jalapeno mac and cheese to your buffet !! I was even able to pick out the deserts I wanted and they also turned out pretty great(the lemon blueberry bars were delicious)! Nick, was in charge of audio and basically ran the event on the day of the engagement. Nick helped fill the vases for the centerpieces with water during setup time and although there were some issues with sound, Nick was very quick to fix it.

The venue was also great. Unfortunately, the pictures on this site are not up to date. Chevy Chase has had major renovations done, the Devonshire Room which I used has a very clean, classic look to it with dark wood, and white trim with tons and tons of windows which overlook the golf course. My guests also really loved the venue.

The one thing I would change with my event, is to not order appetizers. They are pretty expensive and not worth it in my opinion, the buffet would have been more than enough.

Overall, I loved my event here and the staff was so easy to work with!! -Shinu and Josh

Profile Picture Joshua, 8/12/17, 3 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue
Services Used: Indoor, Linens, Lighting/Sound

I have not had my wedding yet, but my fiance and I were very impressed with Chevy Chase right off the bat. We went and looked at several Chicago area venues over a weekend (we actually live elsewhere), and Chevy Chase definitely had the best customer service. As soon as we walked in, we were offered free drinks at the bar, which just showed they were actually interested in us and not just another couple coming to look at the venue. Jan showed us around and also asked us a lot of questions about us as a couple and our wedding. Again, very focused on us as people and not just another couple. Many other vendors only asked for bare bone details about the wedding to find out timeline needs. We decided to have our reception in the Devonshire room, which was actually under construction when we went to look. Jan still took us into the room (which was partially done) and helped us to visual the space. Jan then showed us models of what the room was supposed to look like upon completion, and even though not everything had been completely figured out, Jan made us feel comfortable that with Chevy Chase's experience that everything would run smoothly and be beautiful come our wedding day. When we decided to book the venue, they were extremely responsive, and they have also said that we are more then welcome to come look at the completed room whenever we are back in town.

UPDATE: We had our wedding and everything went pretty well! As the planning continued from our last post, I did notice that, although the staff is very nice, it seemed like they were so busy that responses were occasionally slow. We also found that every time we went to the venue for a planned meeting, Jan did not seem to know that we had a meeting. We found it a little odd considering customer service should be a huge thing for a wedding venue. But, at the end of the day, everything went pretty much as planned and Chevy Chase was accommodating and helpful with our requests.

Profile Picture Rebecca, 7/2/16, 4 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

We got married in the Devonshire room at Chevy Chase Country club. Jan and Gayle made everything easy for us and they were very accommodating with our requests. The food is delicious for wedding food and the bakery they partner with made us a gorgeous cake. Only down fall was the keg lines broke at the bar the night of our wedding and the three beers on tap that were supposed to be offered weren't. The staff ran to the store and got a tapper (the ones you're used to from college parties) for our favorite of the three, but there was nothing we could do for the other two. I know this will be resolved for future events but thought it helpful to share how they at least tried to remedy the situation.

Profile Picture Laura, 5/14/16, 3 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue
Services Used: Event Planning, Linens, Outside Cake, Indoor

Although it was difficult at times to effectively communicate with office staff, the chef and food & bev manager were amazing to work with. Staff were very capable, accommodating, and quick to react. Our DJ blew a speaker as my 4 bridesmaids were walking down the aisle and James (food & bev manager) had an extra speaker on standby, ran it out to the DJ, and music was playing by the time I walked down the aisle. We were very please with our event and would definitely recommend this venue.

Profile Picture Amie, 7/4/14, 11 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

We had a wonderful experience with Chevy Chase. They were great to work with from start to finish, accommodating our requests (e.g., signature cocktails, a different wine selection) and easy to communicate with. The venue isn't cheap but, compared with many similar venues in the Chicagoland area, it was well worth the money we spent. Our guests raved about the food, the bar, and the decor (we were in the larger ballroom - it's spectacular!). All in all, very happy we decided to go with Chevy for our special day.

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Profile Picture Laura, 10/6/17, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue
Services Used: Event Planning, Indoor, Linens

Chevy Chase Country Club was the most perfect venue for us!! From the beginning, we were so impressed with how beautiful the newly renovated rooms were. We got married in the Devonshire room, and I couldn't have been happier with the setting. Jan helped coordinate many of the details for many months during the engagement and was available to us quickly and as often as we needed her. When were were deciding between a handful of country clubs around the area, this one just had the best value and pricing for everything we got. Overall, I was so thrilled with everything. The food is also very good!! We enjoyed our tasting and I really did get to enjoy my dinner and cake at the reception! There were several minor details that were not placed according to what I had imagined, but this is the very nitpicky part of me. Most people would never notice those things, but I just happened to notice that the music was not on during our slideshow in the lobby and a few decoration items were in the wrong place. This was not anything that by any means ruined the night or upset me at all! In the end, everything was beautiful and we had a wonderful evening.

Profile Picture Priscilla, 7/8/16, 4 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue
Services Used: Indoor

Great food and beautiful large venue.

Profile Picture User2171023, 2+ years ago, 6 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Chevy chase is a beautiful venue, the golf course is beautifully maintained. The grand ballroom is wonderful. When it is all put together it has such a great look and feel to it. THe coordinators Wendy and Jan were great. Very accommodating. The cost of the room is great. I loved being able to meet the chef at our tasting and ask questions as well as him coming up to visit us during our reception.

Profile Picture User751968, 2+ years ago, 5 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Very good experience overall. Not too many options food wise but everything tasted good. Th evenue was gorgeous minus the construction. On the side of the building. The employees were great to work with! Highly recommend.

Profile Picture User2695044, 2+ years ago, 7 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

My husband and I recently got married at Chevy Chase and everything was fantastic. They have lovely facility with a great staff that will help you to get all of your details aligned and in check. They work with a local bakery and you book the place, the food, a bar and a cake as a package. This made them a much more cost effective option for us. The food was fantastic, the bar generous for whats included although you can upgrade, and the bakery they work with allowed me to design my own cake and they wowed me. high marks all around, Wendy our wedding coordinater through chevy chase provided a good deal of support and advice. definatley would recommend.

Profile Picture Celina, 8/29/09, 5 Reviews
Category: Catering, Wedding Planning

We got married in the Grand Ballroom and everything turned out gorgeous. We used uplighting/drapery to cover up the green curtain which really brightened the space. The outside patio is beautiful and very scenic. The food was also very good as well, we ran out of desserts and late night food very quickly! The day-of was great, especially with the event coordinator there the day-of to handle the logistics.

The main negative here is the planning beforehand and communication. Organization seemed to be an issue as the event coordinator team forgot we had appointments, forgot that we are not local (and therefore could not easily come back in the chat about plans), forgot to "reply all" in emails for the entire year and half of exchanges, and it took no less than 10-12 versions of the final invoice to get it right. We caught many errors in the quantity of items, charges that weren't supposed to be there, and even spelling my name wrong only a month before the final payment.

All in all I would definitely go back to Chevy Chase for the wedding, and my advice would is to be very diligent in looking though the details of the planning, and sending reminders for appointments and meetings. Everyone was friendly and I did trust that all would be perfect for the day of, so I am overall a happy customer.

Profile Picture Nicole, 7/7/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Service was very slow, people got the veggie meal 10 mind before people got the chicken dinners, food was good service was bad!!!!

Profile Picture karhy, 10/7/12, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

This place went out of their way to earn 0 stars. If I could give a negative 5 I would. I had my wedding reception there. The service was good, the food was good... You're think I should give a higher rating right? Well, read on.

It was a big event, and a small thing led to absolute abuse by the staff. The next day we noticed that that cake server given to me by my best man was not returned after we cut the cake, and instead we were given the used /beat up ones the Club has on hand. Again, a little annoying but not a big deal. I went the following day to see if they had it, I assumed it was simply not brougt back out after we cut the cake. Up until now I had a good relationshi with Wendy, the Catering Manager, and her Manager , Jan, above her as well. Well let me tell you, they are a whole lot different after that last check was cut.

I asked them to look for it. She said no, they are not resposible for lost or stolen items. They wouldn't even look! I was a little annoyed, so I told them they are indeed responsible for items they lost or stole regardless of a sign on tthe door, and its a simple matter of looking.

Out comes their real face.

They tell me one of my guests probably stole it, and they looked liked the kind of people who would.

I was dumbfounded... Jan just insulted my family? Why are they putting their foot down over such a small piddley little request. They can't even look for it? That certainly didn't happen before I signed that last check.

I assured her my family would have no interest in stealing it.

She then told me I was probably too drunk to even know what happened to it, I probably didn't even have my own, I just was to far gone to know it.

Again, I was dumbfounded. The only alcohol I drank was for the champain toast, I had far more important things to do that night, like dancing, which I told her in no uncertain terms.

"Dancing?" she said, then followed it by telling me the DJ said we were the worst party they ever had.

At this point I called "shenanigans", I had a great time with the DJ, and even snuck away to get a smoke with him at one point. We had a nice conversation, he was a great guy. I gave him a fat tip, and included him in some fun photos. (I called him the next day, and he said he was in shock by her statement as well, and was furious that she would try to lie about him. They never even spoke he said. He concluded that perhaps they had me confused with another party?)

I let emptyhanded, belittled, insulted, and flabbergasted that they couldn't even look. On to the honeymoon, I'll deal with iot when I get back

I called after the honeymoon told her I have the wedding video, and I can prove that I did have a special serving knife and that it was last seen when they wheeled the cake into the back, and all they had to do was look and see. Maybe they gave it to the other wedding party on accident, can they please call the other bride I asked.

Again Wendy and her boss come with the insults. They say "How dare I tell them how to do their job, they don't have to do a damn thing" I was drunk they said. I never had one they said. My family stole it they said. They aren't looking at my damn video they said"

At this point I was quite upset, and I had enough. I was calling the Wheeling Park District, reporting them for how they treated me, and at least getting the value of the items back (Not that I wanted the money, I just wanted them to either look for it, or call the other bride from the other wedding room)

Finally Jan growls at me .."If I call the other bride and ask, will you leave us the f*&% alone once and for all"

Biting my tongue I agree.

2 days later I get the following terse email from Wendy:

We have the cake knife and server. Come get them.


Wendy Rank, Catering Sales Manager


1000 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Wheeling , IL 60090

direct: 847-465-2302 fax: 847-537-8771

*** No apology for calling my family thieves and drunks, no admitting they were wrong for saying I never had a nice knife, no saying they should have just called earlier without me having to threaten to go to the park district. Just get your knife and server.***

I was insulted personaly, my family was insulted, my wife was insulted by these two.

*****BE WARNED*****

Once your done paying they dont give a rats butt about you. You can forget about it, they don't care. They are the worst professionals I have flat out ever dealt with in their demeanor and attitude. I can not properly describe how awful of people they are. Beyond Terrible. If you could only have seen how they spoke, how little they cared, you would run for another place. Just pray it goes perfect, or you are on your own.

I would highly reccomend you find a better place until Wendy and her Jan get fired, and I am sure they will at some

Profile Picture Jeff, 9/19/09, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue