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13 Reviews for Alpine Wedding Chapel

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13 Alpine Wedding Chapel Reviews
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Love this place. I have panic attacks and they really helped me calm down and I wasn't nervous at all after that. Very nice people. Even took our pictures which was great. So glad we went here

Profile Picture Adam, 10/4/17, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

We came down from Charlotte, NC for a quick and easy Alpine Wedding eloping weekend. This wedding chapel offers a few very reasonably priced options, which have quite a few added bonuses, such as a free video, and photography. The prices are hard to beat! We really had a great time, and enjoyed the experience, and spending the weekend in Helen celebrating.

Profile Picture User4316076, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

By far the WORST experience I've had. The "ordained minister" was a complete jerk. Our video had the ceremony on it was left off the dvd and the part that had it there was a huge spider web in front of the camera so what video we got was ruined. The pictures that we were so graciously given were ok but when we asked for ones with the entire family they balked and said " that's not normal but ok". Really??? Unfortunately my bride picked this place and did not see the reviews but for the money we paid I would have rather paid to be put in a ring with mad bull probably got more out of it. COMPLETELY RUINED OUR WEDDING DAY.....

Profile Picture User3957973, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

I gave them zero stars because the man that runs the ceremony was the rudest person I have ever met in this line of business. I believe if you work in a service industry where your business thrives on what people think, then you should bend over backwards to give them everything what they want. Well... this venue is NOT the place. If you pick this place to make great memories. Be prepared to be disappointed. If you want to be schooled on how you want your wedding to go, then this is the place for you. Because what you want is not on their agenda. It is their way or the highway. Can't take your own pictures and they will give you some schlemiel as to why you cannot use your own camera. Bottom line one more way to get your money, for crap service. I would not recommend this vendor for anybody who is looking for a wonderful, magical wedding. I you want to be in tears by the end of the ceremony, this is for sure the place for you!

Profile Picture R., 3/8/14, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Overall, it was okay. If you like being made to cry as you're planning your wedding by what my FIL called the "wedding nazi"-like the soup nazi on Seinfeld...NO WEDDING FOR YOU! The lady is lovely. She is very professional and kind and patient. The minister/owner was rude to not only me at times, but to my guests. He was huffy when I asked to dance with my Daddy (which I thought was standard procedure). He was huffy with a guest who brought presents stating that he never heard of guests bringing gifts to a wedding. And he bragged about how many weddings he had done (Upwards of several thousand supposedly)...which I don't believe. Overall, for the cost and free entertainment for my guests of watching the wedding nazi bark out orders, the value was okay. You have to have a thick skin to deal with this man. And lots of patience and loving kindness.

Profile Picture User3770567, 2+ years ago, 4 Reviews
Category: Catering, Ceremony & Reception Venue, Ceremony Music, Flowers, Invitations, Officiant, Photography, Videography, Wedding Cake, Wedding Planning

My fiance and I chose the Alpine Wedding Chapel for our wedding in hopes of having a quaint mountain wedding for a few friends and family members. We now so wish we had read previous reviews before booking our wedding with the "chapel nazi". All of the complaints written, we experienced. The biggest one was the rudeness of the minister/owner who conducted the ceremony. It was unbelievable!!! He bragged to our guests in the chapel about how much money he was making off of the weddings - he dictated every move they made and called them out in front of everyone for the least little things. I asked for my son to escort my 85 year olld mother down the aisle to be seated - his response was that she was alright where she was....... He chastised my husband for eating too much at the reception...... If you are considering the Alpine Wedding Chapel for your wedding - don't walk - RUN - to a different venue far, far away......

Profile Picture Caye, 11/9/13, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

My daughter was recently married here for $1,100 and I warn others. We drove for 2 hours to get up to Helen with our hair, nails, and makeup done and boy, was I glad we did that. The bride's changing room was just big enough for her but no one else to help her. The powder room was directly across from that room and was poorly lit, small and dingy with no counter space to apply makeup. The wall separating the ladies' room from the men's was a thin piece of plywood. The decor here has not been changed since the 80's and looks very dated, faded and tacky. Some of the mirrored tiles in the bride's changing room had been cracked and broken for what looked like a very long time. While we initially appreciated direction as to how the ceremony would proceed, the owner got very pushy at the end of that, expecting the guests to stack their plastic chairs, and to keep off the green carpet for pictures and the couple's first dance (no one else allowed). The food was awful except for the chocolate cake; the bar food/chips tray was stale; meatballs were so-so. Guests were told where to put their used silverware and plates and when people were helping themselves, were told to leave some for the others (no refills of anything here). The owner cornered and chided me about bringing little dye-cut wooden fans to hand out to our guests because it made him look like he didn't have air conditioning. All this from an owner who said he didn't owe any money on anything and had taken enough cruises/trips that he didn't even know where to go anymore. We wanted to change clothes to see some of Helen for the afternoon, but that's not allowed. No professional photographer there, just the owner and his wife. It was a lot of money for sub-standard service, food and treatment. Oh, the owners are both PhD's (noted on the business cards) which he will brag to you about, but apparently, their education never covered how to treat their customers/guests in their chosen service industry.

Profile Picture User3510908, 2+ years ago, 3 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

My husband and I feel completely cheated from our wedding day! Biggest waste of 1100 dollars! The food was stale and disgusting ( cheap roll-ups), the chapel owner and his wife were total jerks, the place smelled disgusting, the owner made me feel bad about wedding favors I brought for my guests, the decor was dollar store crap cluttered everywhere, and he was extremely rude to my guests. My guests had to put up their own plates, leave the room after the ceremony and my husband and I had to get our pictures done in front of everyone, also we were told we could choose our first dance, but instead we had to a dance that the owner chose. Then he went on to make my husband and I feel guilty about our attire. I spent 500 dollars on a dress from davids bridal and my husband got a 150 dollar tux rental from mens warehouse. The owner said " in my 5000 weddings that I have done no else has dressed that nice". Really? I find that hard to believe. In addition no cameras are allowed in the chapel, it is my belief that no cameras are allowed in the place so that people don't know how crappy this chapel really is. We are planning on redoing our ceremony at a later date because we were so sad with the events of our special day.

Profile Picture User3512032, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

I'm not one to write reviews but I hope I can save some couples the nightmare of this chapel. My wife's brother was married there several weeks ago and we were excited to attend the wedding. The exterior of the chapel is quaint but that's where it ends. Once we entered the chapel the nightmare began. The smell is the first thing that hits you. It could only be described as a bad litter box. The owner is the minister, photographer, cook, and wedding planner. I swore I was in a Saturday Night Live skit but we weren't laughing. There ceremony was quick and then everyone had to sit thru his photography and he barked at a guy who took a picture on his phone. Then we went across the street to the reception. The hall was full of tacky nick knacks and plastic flowers hung all over the walls. The chapel nazi (as other reviews have described him) then told everyone to move off of a green carpet that led to a cheesy gazebo with plastic lowers all over it. He then had the bride and groom get on the carpet and dance to a song of his choice and the rest of us join in a minute or so into it. That was the only music and dancing. He then told everyone before eating where to put the plates and cups when finished eating. I thought at this point at least the food would be good. Not so much. They had already cut the wedding cake prior to serving food so they could take pictures of the couple feeding each other. We then got in line and the chapel nazi's wife served wedding cake as the first dish on everyone's plate. The rest of the food consisted of peanuts, a fruit and vegetable tray that I'm pretty sure came from Sam's Club. There were little spiral sandwiches tuba t I know came from there. The biggest joke was tray consisting of pretzels, bugles, colored goldfish and a stale bar mix. A bad cheese tray ended the "buffet". The only meat was a tray of meatballs that were cold and had barbecue sauce in the middle. I'm out of space so please avoid this place at all costs!

Profile Picture User3249464, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

if you enjoy; being hassled and rushed, smartass comments, the smell of cat piss, a chapel the size of closet, fake plastic foral arraignments, and stale gold fish snakes... than this is the chapel for you.

Profile Picture John, 4/27/13, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

These people are rude and bossy. I was Best man for my friends. The owner took the rings from me and gave the brides ring to the groom and sent the other out to the bride so they would have them for the ring ceremony. This was before the ceremony even began. He bossed everyone around regarding where to stand, how to face. Basically, I was just standing up there by my buddy like I guy without a chair. Earlier, before anyone was even in the chapel, I was helping an older woman figure out how to use her camera. I snapped a picture of the Arbor by itself and He came running up to front and snapped at me, "There are no pictures allowed!" I swear the last 15 minutes in the chapel he turned off the A/C. The Brides Maids bouquets were cheesy plastic flowers that didn't match the Brides. Right after the ceremony he whisked the bride and groom into the office for payment and told them they had about 10 mins left cause he had a Tennessee game to watch. This owner doesn't realize it but I will be getting married next year. I know where I WON'T be going. Thankfully my friends did not by the reception package. I read more horror stories about stingy with the food and rushed on time.

Profile Picture Mark, 9/17/11, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

the video cameras were on the wall. a person should be doing this manually. poor dvd quality. cant hear it good. some of the pics were blurry and i cannot retake them. owner man was bossy and stingey with food. they said they have done thousands of weddings. seems they would get it right by now. other than that, its a great place. beautiful.

Profile Picture dixie, 5/9/09, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

For what I paid for the chaple it was well worth the money. I got more pictures then I thought I'd get and it was decerated just right. I loved It.

Profile Picture Ashley, 8/31/08, 5 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue, Ceremony Music, Flowers, Officiant, Photography, Videography