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Scotland Honeymoons

From the rugged highlands to the more refined offerings of its cities, a Scottish honeymoon will be a bonny honeymoon!

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Scotland Honeymoon

With its cities, charming rural towns, rolling landscapes, and soaring highlands, Scotland offers something for a variety of honeymooners on every budget.  Those looking for luxury will find it, as will adventurous travelers looking for remote treks. History buffs will revel in Scotland’s long and fascinating past and its historic sites, and those seeking a more conventional quiet tour will be satisfied, as well.  Needless to say, whisky aficionados will be in paradise! Most travelers are going to arrive into the well-served airports at Edinburgh or Glasgow and then be able by bus, train, air, or rental car be able to go wherever takes their fancy.

Scotland can be divided into three regions: the Northwest featuring the Highlands and the islands, the Central/South with the Lowlands and the Borders, and the Northeast with flatlands and the region of Loch Ness.  Those looking for the rugged will be best served going to the Northwest out of Glasgow. Those looking for the creature comforts of the cities or an easy tour of the countryside will enjoy the Central/South, particularly Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews, and Stirling.  The Northeast is home to the wild Cairngorm park, spectacular castles, the Orkney and Shetland island, and Loch Ness!

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When to Go

Most will like the summers, where the pleasant days will often be 65-75 degrees.  Given its northern latitude, the sun will still be shining until nearly 11 pm! The spring and autumn seasons are less popular, but markedly less busy.  Winters can be harsh due to the cold and the high winds characteristic of Scotland, though Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) is Scotland’s largest party. Airfares and hotels will reflect these prices, with peak prices from late May to mid-September in addition to Christmas-New Year.

Top Sights and Activities

  • Edinburgh Castle: Perhaps Edinburgh’s most famous attraction, this large castle transitioned from a royal residence to its current role as a military base in the 17th century.
  • St. Andrews: The birthplace of golf and home to Scotland’s first university – golfers will enjoy playing on one of the seven golf courses in the area.
  • Loch Lomond: The loch offers trails for hikers and cyclists as well as a number of historic sites for those so inclined.
  • Stirling Castle: This stunning castle and its history intersect with almost every major political event in Scotland from its first construction in 1110 to the Jacobean rebellion of 1746.  
  • Isle of Arran: This island to the southwest of Glasgow is part of what is called the ‘Scottish Riviera’ and a perfect honeymoon spot.  You can expect to find prime scenic walks, medieval and Neolithic historic sites, and delicious food from the islands, such as local cheese and ice cream.
  • Ben Nevis: Scotland’s highest peak offers great hiking, mountain biking, and skiing options, depending on the season.
  • Orkney: The isles in the north feature a uniqueblend of Scandinavian and Scottish cultural influences.  See the stone circle at Skara Brae, attend a folk festival, or go diving to see the sunken WWI German imperial fleet.
  • Barra: One of the gateways to the Hebrides, the flight from Glasgow involves landing on a beach at low tide.  The island offers sea canoeing, walking, and comfortable seaside towns.
  • Historic Glasgow: Glasgow’s historic core features architecture and public spaces reflecting its wealth and prominence as a trading city during the height of the British Empire.
  • Whisky Tours: If you wish to enjoy a wee dram on your honeymoon can visit a number of distilleries open to the public around Scotland, depending on your regional whisky preferences.
  • Royal Scotsman: This luxury train conveys travelers in luxury and comfort along some of Scotland’s most famous scenery
  • West Highland Way If you’re feeling intrepid, the West Highland  Way offers 95 miles of walking on one of Scotland’s most breathtaking routes.

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