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Mykonos Honeymoons

Looking for the ultimate Greek honeymoon experience? Be sure to visit Mykonos, known for its stunning landmarks and beaches.

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Mykonos Honeymoons

Though Santorini often receives the glowing praise for being the number-one spot for couples, there’s another island in Greece that deserves a nod. While notoriously known as the hub for summer parties, a Mykonos honeymoon can be romantic, intriguing, and enriching if you do your research. Or rather, if you let us do it for you! This destination is part of the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea, and offers remarkable 16th-century ruins and landmarks, as well as stunning views and beaches. For duos who want to do more than lounge by the beach day-in and day-out, this active Greek paradise offers a healthy mix of relaxation, excitement and history.

If you’ve been saving this passport stamp for when you say ‘I do’, here’s what you need to do before booking your flight to your Mykonos honeymoon.


Best Time To Go to Mykonos

There’s never a bad day for a Mykonos honeymoon—with comfortable and gorgeous weather 365 days of the year, minus a rain storm here and there. If you want to avoid the heavy influx of tourist though, consider the offseason in September and October. During these months, hotel rates begin to drop, but the weather of the sea remains mild and welcoming.

What to Do in Mykonos

From windmills to beaches and sailboats, you’ll definitely stay happily busy while wearing your honeymoon rose-colored sunglasses in Mykonos.

  • Witness the windmills in Little Venice: When you Google Mykonos, you’ll usually find images of these renowned windmills, which were used to refine grain and protect the island from high winds for centuries. They aren’t in active use today, but you can trek up to them to see a 360-degree view of the area and tour through a museum to learn more.
  • Watch the sunset in Little Venice: The Greek islands are famed as one of the most beautiful places to see a sunset in the world. During your Mykonos honeymoon, head to the colorful neighborhood of Little Venice early and snag a spot facing the west and order a bottle of champagne as you enjoy the ripple of oranges, pinks and reds.
  • Explore Mykonos town: When you dream of Greece, you often image white builds set against a tapestry of blue. That’s exactly what you’ll see when you explore the myriad of alleyways in Mykonos town. Spend a morning here before the sun gets hot to enjoy breakfast at a cafe and shop at boutiques.
  • Visit Delos: You can book a day boat trip to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of the island of Delos. If you follow Greek mythology, you know this is where Apollo and Artemis were born, so expect a little magic when you pull into the port.
  • See Gyzi Castle: Just a short drive outside of Mykonos Town are the ruins of Gyzi Castle, which give honeymooners the opportunity to imagine what life on the Greek islands was like many moons ago. It sits high atop a hill, giving not only a history lesson, but quite the sight, too.
  • Marvel at the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani: Fun—surprising—fact: for such a small island, Mykonos is home to 365 churches! Technically you could visit one for every day of the year, but since you sadly can’t honeymoon for a year, make sure to see this one. It’s one of the most Instagram-worthy spots, since it offers a glimpse of the Mediterranean from a medieval structure.
  • Go nude at Paradise Beach: You promised until-death-do-you-part, so why not start checking off some fun couple items off your bucket list? This nude beach is on the Southern Coast of Mykonos and allows you to sip cocktails and lay in the sun, sans your suits. Bottoms up—and out!
  • Go windsurfing at Psarou Beach: If you’d rather keep your clothes on, no worries. Another popular seaside spot is this beach, which is famed for windsurfing and other watersports. You’ll see far more couples and families here, making it a quiet option.
  • Dive in the Aegean Sea: Or snorkel, if you aren’t certified. This stretch of the ocean is known for the Paradise House Reef, featuring eels, starfish, barracuda, seahorse and countless other species.
  • Rent an ATV: Fair warning here: it’s quite dangerous to drive in Mykonos, especially if you’re inexperienced. Plenty of couples enjoy the experience of an ATV rental to explore the island, just make sure to wear a helmet and take the jagged corners slow.
  • Splurge on a honeymoon suite: Some of the most beautiful and luxury honeymoon suites in the world are in Greece, and Mykonos is no exception. At least for a night or two, spend the extra dollars for a sea-facing space where you can have the privacy you need.
  • Party!: Of course, no Mykonos honeymoon is complete without a night you spend dancing until dawn. This island attracts some of the most famous DJs in the world, so make sure to set aside one evening to drink up and enjoy—and another to recover by the sea.

Article by Lindsay Tigar

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