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Foldable ballet flats for events and weddings

Talaria Flats is located in New York City and provides premium foldable flats for weddings. The brand’s flats allow you to dance the night away without uncomfortable high heels holding you back. In 2014, Ingrid Sarver founded Talaria Flats after noticing that her friends would wear gorgeous heels to events, then be barefoot by the end of the night. Ingrid Sarver decided to create affordable, high-quality flats for women so they could continue dancing in beautiful — but comfortable — shoes. The elegant flats come in various colors that are perfect for weddings. The name “Talaria” comes from ancient Greek mythology. Talaria was the name of the sandals Hermes wore to help him move quickly and safely.

Products Offered
Talaria Flats offers Premium and Classic flats. Both are made with textile, elastic and rubber, but the Premium flats provide more cushion and support with a thicker sole. The brand also offers the following products:

  • Custom Bridesmaids Pack with bridesmaids’ names on the bags
  • Kids’ sizes
  • Wedding packages

Categories: Wedding Favor & Gift

Regions serviced: New York City, Long Island, Los Angeles, San Francisco + 12 Additional Regions

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Super cute flats perfect gift for my bridesmaids!

Profile Picture Kristin, 11/10/18, 1 Review
Category: Favors & Gifts
Services Used: Express Shipping, Printing, Shipping

Purchased the Champagne flats for my bridesmaids and I am SO excited to gift them, they are absolutely beautiful! Definitely worth paying a little more instead of getting a cheap pair so they can use these over and over again. So happy with the purchase!

Profile Picture Katie, 11/3/18, 14 Reviews
Category: Favors & Gifts

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1 Wedding Deal & Discount

220x220 sq 1414098457534 premium box

Wedding Wire Members: 10% Off Our Premium Flats Event Box!

$240.00 Value | Promo Code: WW10
Get 10% off your first beautiful Event Box of Premium Flats - perfect of bridesmaids and wedding guests. Let your party dance the night away!

Professional Network & Endorsements

Love her flats collection for brides/ bridesmaids!

Super Cute and Comfy flats! Adorable personalized gift options too and of course it helps that Ingrid is so pleasant and lovely to work with!


New York, NY 10010   See On Map
248-613-6599 (phone)
Talaria Flats is a wedding vendor for ballet flats from New York City. We service weddings throughout the local area, including New Jersey, Connecticut, and nationally as well. Talaria Flats is a professional wedding provider that has been part of the New York wedding industry for two years. We specialize in foldable flats for events and weddings.