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Cinematic & sincere images of a deeply meaningful & historic day for your family.
  • Our Style
    • Our images are Epic & Intimate, Cinematic & Sincere. We love playing with sunsets, architecture, landscapes & lighting to get those epic shots in our gorgeous city. But at the same time we notice when someone has a tear in their eye. We get the shot when a moment is building, and we take pictures that are real & true.
  • Our Approach
    • So many photographers out there are either abrasive, timid or slow. We are chill, confident & fast. Portraits are a breeze & we don’t miss a thing. We know when to give direction and when to fade away. Plus we’re good people to have around in general – we’ve pinned a lot of boutonnieres, and bustled lots of dresses over the years.
  • Our Experience
    • Our studio is a preferred photographer at dozens of venues throughout Charleston, SC. That’s because we’ve learned through decades of experience how to treat people right. We have a very extensive Charleston wedding venues portfolio so you can see our work at your location easily.
  • Our Commitment
    • You will not worry about your photography. You’ll know that you’ve entrusted this deeply important task to a studio who will take care of everything. You’ll know that your day, your family, & your memories will be preserved in an museum quality album — not forgotten on flash drives and facebook.

      We’ve been making art and friends for decades, and now, humbly, we’re one of of the most referred studios in Charleston and highly reviewed by our clients on sites like WeddingWire. That’s no accident. We treat people right.

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Regions serviced: Charleston

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I don't even know where to begin! From the time I met Mell for my bridal portraits, I knew she and her team would be an excellent addition to our wedding day. She was so easy to work with and made everyone so comfortable at the wedding. I absolutely loved my bridal portraits and from what we have seen so far, the wedding photos will even top that! Her communication is excellent and skill is unmatched. We couldn't have been happier with our selection. Wanda joined Mell on our wedding day which helped things run so smoothly. I barely knew photos were being taken while I was getting ready and I know they captured the most important moments and people in my life! Thank you so much for a great experience!!

Profile Picture Kristin, 6/3/18, 14 Reviews
Category: Photography

Richard Bell is the best photographer option you could choose for your wedding! I had Nathan take the photos for both our engagement photos and wedding. He is extremely responsive, dedicated, fun to work with and absolutely incredible at his job! His photos exceeded my expectations, and actually took my breath away! We had our wedding at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, and he is an expert on the property- he knows all of the hidden spots for perfect photo opportunities! I wanted the best photographer since the wedding photos are the one memory you have left after the wedding... I can tell you that Richard Bell is THE BEST option you can choose for your wedding. Your pictures will turn out stunning no matter the weather, no matter the location!!!

Profile Picture Samantha, 3/22/18, 6 Reviews
Category: Photography

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Wonderful Photographer. Thank you Richard for everything. Thank you, Annie

Bell's pictures are moving, beautiful, and engaging - exactly what you want for that special day - and Sweetgrass Selfies would love to work with them someday!

We love working with Richard Bell Photography! Our couples are always more than thrilled with the pictures. You can't go wrong when booking them!

Working with Richard Bell Photography is a dream! Everyone on the team is incredibly professional and delightful to work with. You will experience true passion for the trade when you work with the wonderful professionals at Richard Bell. The compassionate dedication that they put into every event is amazing and shines through in all of their work.

Beautiful Photography! Love them!



672 Marina Drive, Suite 102, Charleston, SC 29492   See On Map
843-767-6888 (phone)
Tuesdays-Thursdays 10am-6pm and other times by appointment
Richard Bell Photography is a wedding Photographer from Charleston, SC . We service weddings throughout the local area, including abroad , nationwide , and all of South Carolina . Richard Bell Photography is a professional wedding Photographer that has been part of the Charleston wedding industry for 25 years years. We specialize in Digital Wedding Photography .