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Document The Whole Wedding, not a shortened mockup; 5 day turnaround

Nofrills Video is a wedding videography company located in Houston, Texas. Based off of their name, the company shoots weddings, performances and special events documentary-style without the additional frills, like drone footage and special effects. This straightforward style of work allows them to return their finished product to you within three to five days of your event.

Services Offered
The company’s videography style includes documentary, storytelling, short-form and traditional. Nofrills Video can cover rehearsal dinners, pre-ceremonies, ceremonies and receptions. Some of their other services include:

  • Additional hours
  • Liability insurance
  • Multiple locations
  • Raw footage
  • Slideshow
  • Client revisions
  • Full feature video
  • Highlight video
  • Multiple cameras

Other Services
In addition to the above services, Nofrills Video also offers different forms of final video formats to pair beautifully with your new keepsake. These formats include Blu-ray, digital download, DVD and SD cards.

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Regions serviced: Houston, Austin

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Joel with No Frills Video is fantastic! From the time I first contacted him right up to my wedding, he was responsive and flexible even when a family emergency arose. He clearly explains everything that will happen and how he will capture the event, right down to the cameras he uses and their angles. The night of my wedding, he sent still pictures from the video which was nice to have for sharing with friends and family right away. We also got a couple sneak peek clips of our pre-ceremony interviews and some of our reception. He's very professional and thorough as he continuously updates us with what is going on with our video. He works well with the other vendors and you can't beat the price. I highly recommend him for your videography needs!

Profile Picture Jennifer, 2/24/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Videography
Services Used: Ceremony, Pre-Ceremony, Reception, Blu-Ray, DVD, USB Hard Drive, Documentary, Multi. Cameras

Joel is the BEST! Our wedding and reception video came out better than we could have ever expected. Joel has honed his craft to perfection between his skill and his communication! He used at least 3 cameras through out ceremony so that no special moment was missed and yet we never noticed him! Then he edited it all into a full documentary style video of the whole event, as well as an edited shorter version for friends to see, and over 100 still pics (that we had within hours of the wedding). Plus he's just fun, calming, and professional ! He helped backlight selfies my friends were taking! The guests commented on what a great guy this is! Everything was perfect! I am so glad we used NoFrills Video and that I got to meet and work with Joel!

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Profile Picture Joan, 12/26/17, 1 Review
Category: Videography
Services Used: Ceremony, Pre-Ceremony, Reception, Documentary, Blu-Ray, DVD, USB Hard Drive

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Nofrills Video FAQ

Short Form
Rehearsal Dinner
Add'l Hours
Client Revisions
Drone Footage
Full Feature Video
High-Def Video
Highlight Video
Liability Insurance
Multi. Cameras
Multi. Locations
One Event/Day
Raw Footage
Save The Date
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