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A couple came into our store looking for a wedding ring to go with her engagement ring.   They had been to several places but couldn’t find a ring to go up against hers.  The store they bought it from didn’t offer a matching band and evidently wasn’t much help.  Her diamond is an emerald cut diamond so the lower part of  the setting came out from the shoulder quite a bit.  In our store, she was able to find a curved diamond ring to go around the emerald cut perfectly.  They found a wide, link style tungsten ring for him in a design they hadn’t seen anywhere else.

Maybe you’re looking for a curved wedding ring that goes around your engagement ring at just the right height. It has to have just the right amount of curve, and of course, it needs to last a lifetime.  Well, here’s a tip; come into Munn’s Diamond Gallery!

We carry a nice selection of niche bands that match up with hard to match engagement rings.  We’re a family owned jewelry store located in Lemoyne PA, ready to show you things you haven’t seen before.  While you shop you can relax and spend some intelligent time seeing what you like on your finger.  Browse.  Compare.  Mull it over.  Come back when you’re ready.  Simple. 

We make looking and choosing the perfect ring easy and fun.  Come see the all new diamond styles, carved designs, traditional, vintage, curved, straight, antiqued, matched sets, channel set, shared prong, and more.  Guys rings include platinum, gold, tungsten, cobalt and titanium.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention that we can create a design for you, too.  We do that quite a bit in fact.

Here’s one last tip to keep in mind;  where ever you shop do it early-on in your wedding venture.  Here’s why;  many wedding rings need to be made in your finger size rather than being sized after they’re made.  This pertains to diamond bands and in many instances the ordering times can be four, six, even seven weeks!  You don’t want to be waiting for your ring to come in with only days to go ‘til your wedding.  Shopping early can relieve you of unnecessary stress.   (At least some of it.)

Email: diamonds@munns.net

Website: www.munns.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Munns-Diamond-Gallery/321706766341

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Staff is great. They have a good selection. They also do custom work which is always a bonus!

Profile Picture Brandi, 4/4/15, 1 Review
Category: Jewelry

The absolute best jewelry store around! My husband and I bought our wedding bands and my engagement ring here. Munn's has high quality beautiful jewelry. The staff is amazing and will work with you to find your perfect pieces.

Profile Picture Melissa, 10/12/13, 1 Review
Category: Jewelry

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