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Based out of Ohio, Mai-Ty Fitness provides professional health services for engaged couples celebrating their love for one another. Makayla and Tyler Richardson, the owners of the company, are truly dedicated to your fitness journey. They will work with you to ensure you feel your absolute best ahead of your big day. Mai-Ty Fitness will prioritize your health and lifestyle goals, delivering a customized plan that is tailored specifically to your needs.

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Makayla and Tyler Richardson will get to know you on a personal level, gaining an understanding of your partnership and desired outcome. This duo will demonstrate genuine care for your overall wellbeing, working to put you at ease from the first consultation. There is a variety of fitness services that are personalized based on your goals for the big day!

  • Woman-owned

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What fitness/health services do you offer?

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Tyler  Richardson
Tyler Richardson

Im a digital nomad living my dream life with my partner Makayla, and our little pupper, Simba. I love all things tiki, Disney, and anything that can raise the vibration of the world! I love spreading joy and helping people gain the confidence and knowledge to live THEIR dream lives!

But it hasn’t always been this way, in fact, young me couldn't even imagine who I am today.

Meet me: 15+ years ago, afraid to express his joys, self concious and going through puberty, made to believe he was unlovable due to his weight. I hated how I looked, specifically because I wanted to be worthy of love and be accepted.

These thoughts perpetuated through my entire life.. until i finally broke through and realized that others opinions of me were mirrors of their own lives. I started down what i call my "hippie phase", was introduced to mindful practices and self-help books like "the Four Agreements". I gained the tools to take my life back from those who would tell me where i belonged. I belonged to ME again!

Now, with that mindset toolkit and habits I've built up through it, I've been able to build my dream body, love myself enough to share my love with my beautiful dream partner, travel the world and help others break through their mental blocks and live THEIR dream lives!

So don’t give up, you are worthy of love. And if you don’t believe quite yet i want you to borrow my belief in you ! I KNOW YOU CAN SUCCEED!

Need help on your journey to your dream body/life? I'd love to offer you a free success call with me.


“I can’t get my dream body with the stress of a wedding (and the pandemic).”

Can I tell you about the time I made the courageous decision to finally get my dream body?

Now, I feel unstoppable.I can hip thrust 2-3x my bodyweight, and squat 1.5x my body weight, and deadlift almost 2x my bodyweight.I feel sexy in my clothes and when I dance, and now I support others who want to do the same.

But it wasn’t always that way.

3 years ago, I fell down a bridge on my bicycle and woke up in an ambulance. I could not move my arms and legs, and I was afraid that my worst fear was coming true. Thankfully, with a miracle, I was able to hobble out of the hospital alive, but with a long road to recovery ahead of me. I went from dancing and working out everyday, to sitting on the coach, eating and drinking my feelings. I quickly put on 20 pounds, and my confidence dove. Between multiple surgeries and the recoveries, I always had an excuse.

At rock bottom last year, Tyler challenged me, “Do you want our dream life?”

I went back to the gym, starting to inch closer to my goals, and then the pandemic reached America. Within 12 hours of Broadway shutting down, I was on a plane to BC where the gyms closed down a few days later. I felt defeated.“

I can’t get my dream body at home. I need to lift heavy weights.”

There was a pivotal moment where I knew I could use this as an excuse, or come out of this stronger than ever.

Tyler and I teamed up and we created a framework how how to help one another reach out goals. Which by the way, were VERY different - I was 5’2 and trying to LOSE 15 pounds, and Tyler was 6’3 and trying to GAIN 20 pounds.

Instead of enabling one another’s bad habits, we learned how to empower one another to make the choices our future selves would want us to make.

We BOTH achieved our dream bodies AND got in the best shape of our lives DURING a pandemic, with just bands, bodyweight, household objects, and each other. We have now created a company with this framework and have helped multiple couples and solo adventurers do the same.

If YOU are ready, and your future self is saying “Hey, it is time to make the decision to get my dream body for my magical day and beyond", sign up for our free consultation so we can map out your dream body plan!


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