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LaBelle Jewelry is a family owned and operated Store. Our family has been in business Since 1991, so we know all of the ins and outs of the jewelry business. We have 3 retail stores, 2 in Jewelry Expo in Totowa NJ, and 1 in Jewelry Center Paramus NJ. We offer factory direct pricing, so there are no middlemen to inflate the prices. We stand behind our jewelry with a 100% money back guarantee. We also provide lifetime upgrades for the full purchase price, and lifetime sizing on all of our pieces. We strive to make lasting relationships with our customers. When you buy a piece from us, we do everything we can to make sure you come back again and again. Tom,Rob,Fay,John,and Albert are here to serve your needs to make you happy with all your purchases from Labelle Jewelers.. Purchasing a diamond can be a confusing and stressful experience. You can spend hours researching diamonds and still be unsure. Will I make a mistake? Is what I'm being shown authentic? Am I paying too much? We understand this dilemma, and really are here to help. We are diamond and jewelry experts, and are committed to helping you get the very best value for your hard earned money. Let us help you take the guesswork our of your diamond or jewelry purchase. We will show you everything we have in your price range. You can call us for detailed descriptions of stones before you come in to buy. Every stone we sell is guaranteed to be all that you wish and more, or your money back. We are here to help you purchase the diamond of your dreams. We know how to get you the biggest and best quality diamond within your budget. We are friendly, down to earth people with a very real desire to help you, gain your trust, and earn your repeat business.

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Regions serviced: Northern New Jersey

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We bought my setting from Labelle Jewelry this past weekend. Great prices, great service and great communication. Fay is so nice and informative and Rob has put any questions or concerns I had at ease. We will be back soon to purchase a diamond with Labelle, or I should say he. I can’t wait for this new venture and to finally have my dream ring on my finger! Stay tuned...

Photo of Labelle Jewelry in Totowa, NJ
Photo of Labelle Jewelry in Totowa, NJ
Profile Picture Stacey, 4/15/20, 1 Review
Category: Jewelry
Services Used: Cleaning, Ring Sizing

The service at Labelle Jewelry is impeccable. Rob and the entire family are professionals and very friendly. For all the guys out there searching for a Rolex watch, look no more. The prices are extremely competitive and below what other Jewelers are asking and if they do not have the watch you are looking for, they will find it. I highly recommend them for Rolex watches and other fine jewelry. Best Wishes Carlito's

Profile Picture Carlos, 7/12/18, 1 Review
Category: Jewelry

I was referred to go here to see Robert from a co worker and I’m so glad we did! My fiancé and I were so pleased with the service and attention we received while choosing our wedding bands! My fiancé picked his out from a very large selection with no problem! I have a very unique engagement ring that has a halo diamond and a crisscrossed band, so it was hard to find something for myself.. so they made me, not only one, but two.. totally custom bands to match my engagement ring perfectly! I was hesitant agreeing to something i couldn’t see but i put full trust it would come out exactly how i imagined and it did! Don’t hesitate brides!! Not only were we pleased with the rings.. the pricing, quality, and service was amazing. They remembered us when we went back to pick up the rings immediately.. didn’t have to show them the slip.. They will definitely take care of you!

Photo of Labelle Jewelry in Totowa, NJ
Profile Picture Holly, 3/15/18, 1 Review
Category: Jewelry
Services Used: Custom Engag. Rings, Custom Wed. Bands

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