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About Battle Mountain Farm

A rustic, rural paradise where unforgettable memories are made.

Battle Mountain Farm is a rustic venue located in Williamson County in College Grove, Tennessee. This-234 acre property features rolling hills, a gorgeous lake, wildlife and on-site accommodations. Couples will enjoy the privacy this secluded venue provides. Battle Mountain Farm is a rural paradise that offers both indoor and outdoor wedding sites.

Facilities and Capacity
Couples can accommodate up to 300 guests at this vintage-style venue. They feature a covered gazebo overlooking a tranquil lake, a horse barn and a spacious farmhouse. They also offer a lavish event barn, perfect for dancing the night away. Any site you choose will have incredible views of the property along with charming, rustic details.

Services Offered
This award winning-venue has been a part of the Greater Nashville wedding industry since 2015. They have all the essentials you need to enjoy your big day. Their services include:

  • Accommodations
  • Bridal suite
  • Setup
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Parking
  • Outside vendors
  • Event rentals
  • Pet friendly
  • Wireless Internet
  • Prefered vendor list

This pristine property is nestled in a valley just minutes away from both Franklin and Nashville, Tennessee. They feature a cute apartment that overlooks their brand-new event barn, perfect for your guests to stay in. They also have a cozy cabin located on top of a mountain, with complete privacy. It’s ideal for a honeymoon retreat.

Other Services
In addition to hosting a lavish affair, Battle Mountain Farm will also host an intimate elopement. Additional events include:

  • Engagement party
  • Bridal shower
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Anniversary party

Categories: Wedding Venue

Regions serviced: Nashville

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The contact, Mandi, was absolutely amazing to work with. She was extremely flexible for any site visits my husband and I wanted to plan, and was always very quick to respond to emails. Mandi was extremely kind and generous. Anything I needed, she ensured I had or would help me find the resources to get what I needed with a smile. The beauty of the venue is amazing, but only takes a rating so far. Battle Mountain Farm is an A+ Venue and that is because Mandi takes it there.

Profile Picture Barbara, 9/1/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue
Services Used: Scenic Views, Uncovered Outdoor, Altar/Arches, Chairs, Dance Floor, Decor, Furniture, Lighting, Tables, Accommodations, Bridal Suite, Set Up, Wireless Internet, Parking

The venue is BEAUTIFUL, and the property is BEAUTIFUL!!! It made it easy to have our dream wedding! We fell in love with the fireplace located in the barn. We also loved the fields and lake on the property! We worked with Mandi, and she was soo so responsive and helpful! One of my favorite parts about the venue is that there is a home, cabin, and apartment on the property. My husband and I are actually from out of town so it was super convenient to have a place for us and our bridal party to stay on location! There is also a beautiful home that you can use for the rehearsal dinner and it has a beautiful bridal suite! I loved that we were able to have the rehearsal with friends and family, then a lot of us were able to sleep on the property. As an excited bride, I woke up before anyone else. I was able to sit and look at the beautiful property before anyone else was awake, or any guests or vendors had arrived. It was a sweet experience to get to rest and prepare before the rest of our friends and family arrived!

One thing my parents were so thankful and kept sharing with others was that the prices were so reasonable and worth every penny! There are a couple different options for pricing which is helpful for everyone!!!

We do not have all of our images yet, but I will include a few by Wisdom & Stature Photography that show off the property!!

Photo of Battle Mountain Farm in College Grove, TN
Photo of Battle Mountain Farm in College Grove, TN
Photo of Battle Mountain Farm in College Grove, TN
Profile Picture Carolyn, 7/21/18, 5 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue
Services Used: Chairs, Dance Floor, Decor, Furniture, Lighting, Tables, Accommodations, Outside Vendors, Bridal Suite, Set Up, Wireless Internet, Parking, Wheelchair Access, Indoor, Scenic Views

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Bridal Suite
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Battle Mountain Farm

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Battle Mountain Weddings

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6917 Arno-Allisona Road, College Grove, TN 37046   See On Map
615-368-3400 (phone)
Battle Mountain Farm is a wedding venue from College Grove servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Nashville, Franklin, and Murfreesboro. Battle Mountain Farm is a professional venue that has been part of the greater Nashville area wedding industry since 2015 specializing in weddings and events.