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Categories: Unique Services (Other)
Event Types: Anniversaries, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Eco-Friendly / Green Weddings, Graduations, Holiday Parties, LGBTQ Weddings / Ceremonies, Memorials
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Additional Answers & Advice:

What does Vow Muse do?
Vow Muse helps with all types of writing, mainly for weddings and events. Wedding vows, best man speeches and website text are some examples of what Vow Muse specializes in.

How much does a Vow Muse consultation cost?
The prices for our consultations vary based on a variety of factors. We price each project individually to account for this uncertainty. Generally, a vow or speech consultation where you receive approximately 400 words of text and two revisions is approximately $240. Package deals can be arranged for more than one service for the same event.

Why would I ask someone else write my wedding vows for me? Isn't that cheating?
No way! When you plan a wedding or event, you seek assistance from a variety of consultants: florists, seamstresses, caterers, planners. Why? Because these people are experts who know how to make each piece of your wedding the very best it can be. That's what Vow Muse does. Not everyone has the time, ability or desire to write their own wedding vows, ceremony or website. Vow Muse can work with each person to make the writing for their event as perfect as it should be.

How can you write something that sounds like I wrote it?
Understanding your intentions, voice and feelings is what we do best. We start out each consultation with a meeting to find out exactly what you're trying to say and why. We like to meet in person or over the phone, if possible, to get a first hand feel for your individual views, speech patterns and ideals in addition to just learning about the nuts and bolts of your project.

What if you don't get it right and what you write just isn't me?
That's what revisions are for! While we make every effort to get it right the first time around, sometimes it just isn't possible. We offer two revisions on every project so that we can work with your feedback to make everything just right.

Maybe you weren't sure exactly what you wanted or perhaps once you read what you asked for you realize that you'd really like a different spin on what's being said. Writing is an iterative process and we encourage full involvement from our clients to make sure that the product you receive is absolutely perfect.

Wait a minute, do I have to do a lot of work? I thought that's why I hired you guys?
That is why you hired us. While it's true that the more you give us, the bigger window we have into your needs, we don't require any writing or even any articulated feedback to do our jobs. We can revise your project with responses like, "this should sound more formal" or "can we add something about my cat?". We ask the questions, you answer honestly; we give you a draft, you tell us what you think. We give you the perfect words.

I'm already spending so much on my wedding. Can I really afford a Muse?
Your budget is always up to you, of course, but this is why we think that spending an extra few hundred dollars on the words of your wedding is even more important than the catering:

  • Have you ever seen a bad best man speech? How about cheesy wedding vows? One bad part of your wedding can be the most memorable part. Make sure you and your guests remember your wedding just the way you want them to.
  • Most people employ a videographer for their wedding nowadays. Vow Muse will make sure that every time you watch the DVD of your special day you enjoy the inspirational words of your loved ones all over again.
  • In the scheme of a wedding budget, which can often be over $10,000 even for a smaller wedding, the cost of a Vow Muse consultation is a small price to pay to ensure that everyone sounds as good as they look on your special day.

Will you guys come to me for the consultation?
That depends where you are. We are based in the East San Francisco Bay Area and are happy to meet you almost anywhere in the area.

Do you service clients outside the San Francisco area?
Absolutely! While we prefer to meet in person, we can do our work just as well with a phone meeting, Skype chat or email consultation. We service clients nationally.

How do I contact you guys?
Visit our website (www.vowmuse.com) or email us anytime at muse {at} vowmuse.com