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Sept 2019

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  • Caitlyn
    July 2019 Edition Caitlyn & Aaron

    This is going to be the wedding of our dreams! Finding out we won the sweepstakes was the best news I’ve received in my lifetime! We have our venue booked and have our budget set at exactly $10,000 for the wedding, so winning this sweepstakes just paid for our wedding in total! We will be using the money to pay off our contract at the venue as well as our vendors, so we won’t have to stress about those things for the next 14 months before our wedding! Aaron and I grew up together. Our families have been friends since we were very young. We’ve been friends all of our lives, and last year we finally decided to try being something more. The chemistry has always been there, but we were always too shy to pursue anything with each other. We celebrated our first anniversary as a couple on June 23, at South Padre Island, TX where we grew up together. We were sitting by the bay at sunset when he dropped to one knee and proposed! We cannot wait to have our dream wedding, which WeddingWire just helped us pay for and totally eliminated our stress over!

  • Jarrod
    June 2019 Edition Jarrod & Lisa

    We really can’t thank WeddingWire enough for this gift. It takes away the financial burden of paying for the wedding, and other expenses, while allowing us to relax and enjoy the event we’ve put so much time in to. When I first read the email, I was in shock, and being in IT Security, I really didn’t believe it until my filter vetted the email and links. I told Lisa, and she thought I was messing with her to help her relax before her final dress fitting. Once we realized it was for real, we were just thankful; it will allow us to pay for the remainder of our wedding at PNC Park (where we had our first date 15 years ago). Any left over money will go toward our honeymoon, a driving tour of the Ring Road in Scotland. We are so grateful and lucky to have used WeddingWire for our planning.

  • FutureMrsHamm
    May 2019 Edition Allison & Josh

    We want to thank WeddingWire for this amazing and unexpected prize. I was absolutely speechless and shocked when I received the phone call saying I won $10,000. I immediately texted Josh and told him the shocking and amazing news, he asked me "Really!?" with a bunch of smiley faces. We are so happy and grateful to have won this prize. We plan to use this money for our reception, any remaining wedding party gifts, and our honeymoon in Flagstaff, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Any money that is leftover will go towards paying for necessary home repairs to our house. We cannot thank WeddingWire enough for this opportunity! We love WeddingWire!

  • Damali
    April 2019 Edition Damali & Gregory

    We are excited and grateful for this unexpected blessing. We were shocked when we received the email about winning the sweepstakes. We still haven't wrapped our minds around it. The money will go towards our wedding and reception venue and will cover the remaining balance. It's so exciting to be able to free up funds for other areas; it came at the right time and we are extremely happy!

  • Kit
    March 2019 Edition Kit & Jonathan

    Thank you so much for this unexpected surprise! We were in disbelief when we first found out that we were the winner! We are going to use the money to pay for our wedding venue, photographer and catering. We are so happy and grateful for this amazing sweepstakes.

  • Beckah
    Feb 2019 Edition Beckah & LT

    We can’t thank WeddingWire enough for this amazing prize. We met and fell in love at work, so it was only right that we found out that we won the sweepstakes at work as well. I instantly ran up to LT and told him. We were both in shock, it’s just so unbelievable. We are planning to use the money to pay off the rest of our venue, DJ and photographer. Any extra money will go towards our honeymoon. We are eternally grateful and so excited to finish wedding planning!

  • Casey
    Jan 2019 Edition Casey & Brian

    When we received the call from WeddingWire that we had won $10,000 we couldn’t believe our luck. I loved reviewing all of our vendors to give them the recognition they deserved, and I never thought that could result in something for us. After 12 years together, we married in Vermont in August, 2018. Our wedding was magical – thanks to everyone who lent us their incredible talents to create such a special day. Since then, our new project has shifted from wedding planning to house hunting. Our winnings will go toward owning our first home together as husband and wife in the Philadelphia suburbs. Thank you so much to WeddingWire for such an amazing surprise!

  • Taylor
    Dec 2018 Edition Taylor & Austin

    I was utterly shocked and almost speechless when I found out that we won! I immediately called and told Austin that we won and he thought I was joking at first. We are going to use the money to pay for the hall and catering as well as a photographer. Whatever money is left after the wedding is paid for will go towards our honeymoon. We are so grateful and relieved to have won this help in paying for our special day.

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